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What was Frank thinking? At least the Guatemalans were ignorant. He doesn't have a good excuse. Well...cocaine is a hell of a drug...
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There's a person on Bloomberg named Anil Bangar which has too be one of the worst names ever, unless you're a porn star. There was also a Ford Dealership in New Orleans owned by Dick Bohn.
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Neighbor named their kid Kenobe. ???
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[quote=Piobaire;1060468]There was a Nicholas Cage SNL skit where he was trying to think of a good name for his baby with his expectant wife. His name was pronounced "Os-wee-pay" Spelled Asswipe.QUOTE]

I remember that skitch too, mid 1990's, if I recall correctly. But I think it might have been Dana Carvey.
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NY times bad name contest. The comments on this blog entry have some AMAZINGLY bad names. like Dick Swett
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Originally Posted by stickonatree View Post
Ashby: If a name's going to start with "Ash" and end in a "y", there's just no question -- the middle's got to be "le." If you must mess with Ashley -- or any common name, for that matter -- please pick something that doesn't sound like a mispronunciation of the real thing. Come kindergarten, Nancy O'Dell's daughter is going to have a lot of correcting to do.

Disagree-- it's a good name for a Southern girl. I have a colleague who used to be Ashby Jennings, and I always sort of regretted that she changed it after getting married.
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Originally Posted by Fade to Black View Post
- I have beef with people naming themselves things like "Jack" and "Joe" as their official name. Not John or Joseph, but literally people will go by these nicknames as official names.

My official birth certificate name is Jimmy. My parents were unaware that President Carter's real first name was James.

Some awesome uber-manly names:

9- Lance Armstrong
8- Powers Boothe
7- Max Planck
6- Commander Flex Plexico
5- Dr. Duncan Steele
4- Stirling Mortlock
3- Magnus ver Magnusson
2- Dick Pound
1- Staff Sargent Max Fightmaster
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it's cool Jenaimarr, you are Styleforum brethren i harbor no ill will towards you.
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a popular israeli name is nimrod. its pronounced a little bit different in hebrew, but when they come to north america, it aint fun for them.
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Nimrod means something along the lines of master hunter. It's, AFAIK, a biblical name with odd connotations here. And honestly, do you think Frank Zappa would name his daughter and sons normally?
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Ashley and Kelly are both known as epicene names, that is unisex.
Good word! I did not know it....
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I knew two sisters named Tuesday and Friday Knight. Not awful but then again... depends on the connotations. I've always heard of people named Orangejello and Lemonjello, but haven't met any... Maybe it's an urban myth? Also, I sorta like Moon Unit Zappa's name. Call me insane.
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Originally Posted by minus View Post
I did know a pair of brothers named Chris and Drew Peacock. Not "Christopher" and not "Andrew", just "Chris Peacock" and "Drew Peacock" were their full names. (If it's not registering, say the names out loud and imagine the scene at attendance on the first day of seventh-grade. Poor bastards.)
LMAO. It took a few seconds to click. I know one Indian guy named Faqir (pronounced FAH-KEER.) On the first day of school, the teacher horribly mispronounced his name, ever since then he's went by Fred. That and once when I worked as a temp doing some data entry in university, I came across a guy named Harry Wang.
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hahaha @ Faqir becoming Fred and Harry Wang. I feel worse for Harry Wang though I think.

Krispy cock, Droo-Peacock...ahhhh hilarity it would have to depend on how the speaker was linking the two words up. Actually no nevermind either way you say that shit out loud its funny as balls.
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Originally Posted by Fade to Black View Post
??? you've never heard that? That's Frank Zappa's daughter!

Don't forget her brothers Dweezil and Ahmet (ok, that's not a bad name) and her sister Diva. Moon has a daughter Mathilda Plum. Dweezil is dad to Zola Frank.
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