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Almost 12 years ago. I had to go through and move a number of boxes and clean my office, so I showed up in jeans and old blue work-shirt. At about 2:00 pm, I received a call from the secretary of federal Magistrate-Judge informing that the Magistrate-Judge has myself and opposing counsel scheduled for a 3:00 in-person conference. (We had all thought it was a phone conference.) I managed to run across the street and retreive a plaid suit from the dry-cleaners, wore my blue work-shirt (with snaps for buttons), a pair of mocassins, and borrowed a novelty ties from a colleague who wore only novelty ties and headed off to court. The Magistrate-Judge did not seem to notice, but his secretary tartly observed that I clearly must not have thought I would have to see anyone today. Since then, I have taken to leaving a good suit, shirt, and tie in the office for any emergency.