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A better style forum

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My last post about the technical FAQ sort of worked with the creation of the "how to a post a pic HOF topic," so here is my second proposal for creating a better Styleforum. Why not create a new SF HOF subcategory on the homepage? I just helped out/saved a really nice guy from the GQ forum and pulled a couple of articles from the archives for him to peruse at leisure. Wouldn't it be much easier if we created an HOF for some consistently repeated topics? For example, HOF interview wear (business or otherwise), Andrew's marvelous article on shoe construction, a compendium of shoe care for calkskin and shell cordovan, what am I wearing now, members pictures, etc.
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Another good idea. I support it. Though, we might possibly place the HOF division under "General" -- this would, at least, balance the look of the page.
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A very good idea. While there is a search facility, it is not always an efficient way to search for basic information. Sometimes it pulls down six pages of threads, other times it says there's nothing, when you are quite sure there is. And as Norcaltransplant says, the HOF would be the ideal place for newbies to start reading, when they join.
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