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2 Button or 3 Button

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Should people with narrow faces avoid two-button suits because of the longer V opening in front? I ask because I read point collars work against a narrow face, wouldn't the 2 button suit do the same, or is that irrevelant?
BTW - I'm 5'10 36R 32W, the sales rep says a 2 button is best for my build because it shows a nice hourglass figure. Is he right or just saying that because he didn't have any 3 buttons? I can find advice for tall people and short people, but none for average height.
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Three button suits that fasten at the top button look bad on everyone except the seven guys that look good in anything. Are you willing to bet you're one of those guys?
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Smaller/narrow faces? Narrow lapels + spread collar + Windsor knot will bring the attention towards your face while widen it a bit.

3B suits adds weight/length to your torso, but judging from your sizes, that's not what you need.

Narrower lapels also help to cure your smaller chest size (or narrower shoulders).
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I just went through this myself. I'm the same build basically with thin neck and face. Wider spread is good for the collar (not too wide though). Two button is going to look better on you in general. It can go conservative as well as more modern depending on shirt and tie. Just make sure it fits you right. The arguement against 3 button besides looking a tad conservative at times is that it creates a longer solid visual line, making you look leaner. But I understand the bit of conflict as the theory that deeper v elongates as well. Oh and we're suppose to stay away from pinstripes, but I'm looking for one anyways.
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Two button is much the best choice. It's formal but has a slightly more relaxed look. The deep V gives more visibility to the tie and emphazises the chest. I have a hunch in twenty years time you're going to much happier with pics of yourself in a two button. A good example is Jack Kennedy. He always wore two button and if you look at any pics of him he looks completely modern although it's fifty years ago. The playing up of three button over the past five years or so is essentially a marketing ploy by the clothing industry. In a couple of years the emphasis will be back on the two button. Unless you have a physique like a fashion model its very hard to make it look good. On a plumpish guy it looks like the the proverbial. The only suit it works with imho is a heavy tweed three piece. My ten cents.
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I like them both, and wear both kinds.
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i wear 2 buttons, and 2 roll 3 buttons.
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love 3 buttons
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I only wear 2 buttons.
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I'm stuck on 3 buttons rolled to 2. I like it and I look best in it, at least I think so.
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I've come to the opinion that two button jackets are superflous. I like the traditional Savile Row choices:

(1) Three button roll to one. This is either a "hard" one if the jacket is structed or a "soft" one, if the jacket is minimally constructed. In the latter case, it will tend to be 3 roll 2.5 in practice.

(2) One roll to one.

(3) Three role to two, with exposed top button hole. As far as I know, this is associated almost exclusively with A&S (or alumni) among SR houses. I'm speaking of house styles...most makers will relent on requests even if they are not used to executed that particular detail.

If you must do two buttons, and if you are trim, you can try a paddock style jacket where both buttons are meant to be buttoned, and they like on top and below your natural buttoning point. This will not be an accessible option in RTW and is an eccentricity that the junior could not impose on the senior in a conservative businees dress environment.

- B
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I was shown a 2 button jacket by a salesperson recently. When I mentioned my interest in 3/2 only, he offered to have a third button added. I passed on the idea and the jacket.
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JayJay - maybe he was trying to sell you his amazing new "VIRTUAL BESPOKE" concept.

Also, 2 btn fo lyfe plz. It suits us little narrow people a lot better and is in general quite flattering.
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Originally Posted by yfyf View Post
JayJay - maybe he was trying to sell you his amazing new "VIRTUAL BESPOKE" concept.

Also, 2 btn fo lyfe plz. It suits us little narrow people a lot better and is in general quite flattering.
yfyf, I have no doubt a button could be added, but I'd hate to see the result.

I'm narrow but with broad shoulders. 3/2 is a nice compromise for me.
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I prefer two, but I am short and thin. I think if I were stockier and taller, I could handle 3 and some of the groovy 3 roll combinations. I don't like an all-three buttoning jacket, though. It feels a bit too ordinary.
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