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Help looking for casual loafers

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I'm looking for a pair of casual loafers that can be worn with jeans and are very versatile. I was looking at the cole haan ones for sale on both the NM and SAKS website. They didn't look too great, but the prices were much more appealing than that of A gucci horsebit loafer (which i really like, just a little tooo expensive. and i'm looking for a loafer that i wouldn't be afraid to get some wear and tear.) I know everyone here thinks that Kenneth Cole isn't the best quality, but there are always a lot of them for sale on bluefly, and honestly they look pretty decent. Especially for what I need them for, typical everyday use. Opinions are greatly welcome
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what size?
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Well, what kind of price range are we talking about? $75, $100, $150, or higher? Also, if you post a link to the item you were looking at, or at least describe the style a little bit more, the forum members might jump in with alternatives that are similar.... As for Kenneth Cole, I have one pair, from 3 or 4 years ago (way before I found this forum). Square toe lace up. While the sole is surprisingly durable, the upper started going bad immediately. whatever finish they used on the upper started flaking off after a few wears (some sort of patent leather-like finish). (never say never, but) I'll probably never buy Kenneth Cole again....
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Honestly, this is where I just don't understand some thought processes -- "I am going to wear them every day, so I want something cheap." Ridiculous. If you are going to wear them often, you are much better off getting a more expensive pair (but spend money on QUALITY, not on designer name) -- even at retail. -- and taking good care of them. As long as you don't pick an overly trendy style, even with semi-daily wear and tear they will last a few years.
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As to what the previous poster said, I personally do not have the money to whip out every so often for a 500 dollar pair of shoes. Thefore if I buy an expensive pair, and the everyday use of it, ruins it within the first few wears then im out 500 bucks. If i have a good QUALITY pair of cheaper shoes, i wouldnt feel as down if I ruined them. Did I say cheap? No, I said cheaper than a gucci shoe which runs for about (350-ish). It was sort of rude of you jonnynorman to basically call me ignorant for just not thinking the way of a person who has 500 dollars to spend on shoes that he will probably wear out within the first few months.
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I think johnnynorman3 was just trying to point out that better quality shoes would last longer and would be repairable, and thus the "price per wear" would not be as extreme as the sticker price would indicate. Secondly, a number of high quality shoes are available at the Kenneth Cole price (which I think is about $150 retail, and maybe $75-100 on bluefly). You can alway check out the grenson's at bennies, and if you know your size cold in a brand, ebay is a great option (i get about half of my stuff on ebay now... and most of the rest at filenes or the various outlet stores (NM, Nordstrom, Saks, etc).
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handler4me - I asked what size b.c. you can check out Bennies for Grensons. I think he has a number of rubber soled loafers that would be great for very cheap. I just don't know what size you are so I can't tell if he has them or not. But, check out:
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I was not being rude, and certainly not suggesting that you shell out $500 for a pair of shoes (and would never suggest shelling out $350 for some Gucci loafers). But you were through out the Gucci example, suggesting that it is at least near your target price range. But then you drop down to Kenneth Cole, which many people find stylish, but also are cheaply made and can be found for like $75 on Bluefly. There is a lot of distance between $75 and $350. I was suggesting spending at your mid to upper limit for your "everyday" wear shoes. If that is $150, so be it. Find the best quality for $150 -- there is plenty out there from various sources. If $75 Kenneth Cole shoes are the most you can afford, then by all means go for it. I used to be in that position too. What I'm trying to say is that you are better off spending twice as much -- if you can afford it -- to get a shoe that will last twice as long, be twice as comfortable, and look twice as good. Add all those things up and you get a shoe that is 8 times better at only twice the price. Really though, I have indeed found that better shoes --- welted not glued, decent leather -- will last even if you wear them all the time. Poorly made shoes will not.
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Also, FWIW, I have about 4 pairs of dress shoes that I wear more than all others. I rotate them (normally they get 1 wear a week) and I plan on them lasting 5 years at least. My Edward Greens that I'm wearing today I hope to have for a lifetime, with resoling done every few years.
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