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[Deleted shill spewage]
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hmmm... could you be a little more obvious? Take your advertizing somewhere else.
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Dude, like wow, I heard the newest thing is to go around signing up to all the forums and put a rockin' street level astroturf ad up. So your product must have some total cred.
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ok well how do yall really feel??  I'm so sorry if I sounded shill-like but I really was looking for advice from those who have this phone. I want to know about the camera specifically. It's really unique and I may get it for my bf for Christmas. I do appreciate all the funny comments though  
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Rad... I actually DO like the phone, it just sounded like such an obvious shill that I couldnt resist. It looks too thin though, and i'd be concerned about carrying it around. I have a tendancy to break stuff like that.
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