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Lengthing a suit jacket

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I bought a suit and i think that it may be a tad to short.  Its a 40s that measures 29.5 while most of my 39r measure either a 30.5 or a 31.  I got a deal if i bought two and each suit came to $175 so i got kind of pressued into it.  Any how The guy at the store measured this and said that my body split 29.5 and 30.5 (i've been told that the jacket should cut your body in half anyone correct me if i'm wrong).  When i try it on it seems a bit short, i don't know if i've just been wearing my jackets to long or if its actually to short.  Anyhow on to my question is it possible to lengthen a suit?  Its a BB 1818 collection and it feels like there is a little material that might be able to be let out but i'm guessing that there would not be enough lining?  Anyhow any help would be appreciated. Side note is world class consignment still on ebay. I keep hearing about them but haven't seen an auction from them and did a search for their name and nothing came up.
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Lengthening a jacket is a problem because of the curvature -- it basically can't be done and still look right. Try world*class*consignment That's the actual Ebay name. You need to put the asterisks in your search.
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Thanks i just found the name and thanks for letting me know i figured it couldn't be done.
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I like a jacket to come right to the end of my read end, so to speak.  I think most people wear jackets too long, actually.  How does it fall in relation to that line?
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Ok heres some pics tell me what you think i need good opinions and i trust you guys more than a sales associate.
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Pics from the side would probably be more useful, but in relation to how your pants are sitting now, it does look quite short. Are they fitted all the way up where they should be?
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BTW, it's longer w/r/t your hands than my jackets are, but I do have rather monkeyish arms.
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Ok heres a side pic and what does "w/r/t" mean. My pants arn't pulled up where they should be they are at my hips in the pictures, the pants are about 2-3 inces to big and have to be taken in.
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It's close. It's wearable, but probably a 1/2" longer would be perfect. Better to miss long than short here, in my opinion, however. I like shorter jackets, but when it gets too short (and you are on the verge of that, if not already there), it look effeminite.
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What I don't like also is that it is a short jacket with a button stance that is also not real high. That accentuates any shortness problems.
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It looks long enough to me...the skirt ends right at your thumb. btw, a full body side shot would probably be most telling...I believe that's what J meant when he asked for a side-shot. fyi your right arm is a tad longer than your left
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A full length front and side shot would definitely help. w/r/t means "with respect to". Put on some pants that fit right, put the jacket on, and take a full length shot. I'm guessing it will be okay, but it's hard to tell. Look at the drawings here for a good reference, btw: Edit: brain hiccup, relation -> respect
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You're worried about one inch of jacket length with a sihouette like that? Mate I think you have more pressing problems.
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It certainly extends beyond the knuckle of the thumb, which is one crude rule of thumb. And it completely covers your butt, which is another. The one thing I note is that the skirt rises at the rear. That part of a suit IS lengthenable without difficulty, and you might wat to have your tailor look at doing that. At present, it seems to have very lirttle shape and sleeves way too long, but I'm assuming these things are on your correction agenda.
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The jacket length is fine, absolutely fine.  Don't be so self-conscious, love. Do get that one sleeve adjusted for the difference between your arm lengths. Oh, and order those sleeves with working buttonholes.
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