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Overcoat alterations

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I got a great camel cashmere overcoat that fits well in the shoulders, and I'd like to wear it out with, well, everything. The problem is that the waist is rather big. I will get it taken in, but I have a question here. When I pinch the back together and pin it (not tight, just where it should be), the arm movement is very restricted. This is because the armholes are sized for jacket sleeves to fit through. Is this just a tradeoff I have to live with? or is there something more involved that would allow me to be able to wear this and have reasonable movement in it? Also, a much dumber question (I think): how exactly is "taking in" the waist of an overcoat accomplished? Side seams, back seam, darts, ...? Thanks.
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Sorry to hijack this thread a little, but I have a similar problem with a Baumler overcoat. It fits well shoulder-width wise but the arm holes are too big leading to bunching around the back of my arms. Is there any way I can get a higher armhole without destroying the lines and the balance of the coat?
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You can't make an armhole higher once a coat has been put together, AFAIK. What's the problem exactly, though? I'm a little confused by your description.
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Sorry, if my description was unclear. I purchased the coat pre-Styleforum (and I spent a lot on it too...oh well) Basically, the coat is too big in the body and the arm holes are too low. So when I have the jacket buttoned and my arms at my sides the material around my upper arm/rear deltoid bulges outward. I'm under the impression that making the arm hole smaller is an impossibility, however, can some excess material be removed from the back and/or body of the coat to make it more form-fitting? Aaron
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J, I have the same problem with the same garmet, a DB cashmere camel overcoat, I love the way it fits my shoulders, but the chest and waist are baggy. Eric
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