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Fragrance Recommendations

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I'm looking for some new fragrances and i'm not sure what to get and i don't want to spend a day getting recommendations from some stupid sales men and end up smelling 50 different kinds and was wondering if anyone could recommend some for me. Below is a list of what i have and like, something along the lines of these would be good. I don't like really heavy musky smells, i'm more of a sweet citrus kind of guy, but am sort of looking for something wintery but not to dense and over powering. Kenneth Cole Black Perry Ellis 360 Red bottle D&G masculine Burberry weekend Hugo Boss Dior Higher Energy Liz Clairborne Mambo thanks nik
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Price range? Here are some, with their estimated prices. High end: Clive Christian 1872 ($195) Citrusy, very smooth, just a great blend of scents. Creed Himalaya ($90) Combines citrus with a nice base to make a smooth concoction, stunning. Creed Original Vetiver ($90) Quite fresh and nice. Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoulta ($90) A blast of Italian citrus. Mainstream: Hermes Concentree D' Orange Verte ($40-60) Lots of orange, but this is a great scent, one of my current favs. Yves St. Laurent M7 Fresh ($50) A slight hint of musk and wood, mixed with a citrus base, very fresh. Hugo Boss Baldessarini ($40) Fresh and sweet, this is a scent for all seasons.
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I second the Baldessarini Hugo Boss.  Although I don't wear it, I have come close on many occassions. I wear Bvlgari Extreme and will for a long, long time. You're looking at $80-90 each.
post #4 of 27 Baldessarini is $25 at this place, they usually have it in stock.
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OK should have put a price range.  Don't really want to spend more than $60 on cologne, thanks for the recommendations hopefully one day i can check them out but for now i will stick within my college student income.  the baldessarini you posted say's "recharge" does that mean anything special? and whats Bvlgari Extreme like?
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It is a regular bottle, I have that exact one. I have a couple fragrances for sale usually, i'll post them up here soon. One that you may also like is Cologne by Thierry Mugler. It is fairly similar to Creed Original Vetiver. Another is Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte, which is similar to Concentree D'Orange Verte, but not quite as strong.
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One other good one is Rive Gauche by YSL, you can get it pretty cheap usually from Scentiments.
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Be different: Trumper's - West Indian Limes Penhaligon's - Blenheim Bouquet (worn by Winston Churchill) Geo F Trumper Penhaligon US I wear both the above (though not at the same time.), and find them very satisfactory - refereshing but sophisticated and without the cloying sweetness so common in many modern colognes. Creed, mentioned above, is also nice.
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I do like both Penhaligon and Trumper's (I believe the Prince of Wales uses West Indian Limes) Clive Christian is pretty new but has some really good stuff, he took over Crown Perfumery and has done quite a bit with their new line. Their fragrances are VERY expensive (the pure fragrance can be thousands of dollars) but quite nice.
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I normally use Burberry touch, and have recieved a lot of compliments for it. I'd also recommend Givenchy's pi.
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Are you near NYC? I kept noticing that Bond No.9 is having a sale, 50% off Creed fragrances. Might be worth checking out.
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I third Trumper's West Indian Limes. For a cheaper alternative try Clubman Limes, not quite as good, but around $10 for a 12 fluid ounce bottle if you are on a tight budget. Creed is nice, but also try that other cheap classic "Old Spice" for a now surprisingly rare alternative to the usual commonly worn high street offerings. This will get you as many complements from females as any Creed product.
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I like Trumper's GFT. I think I bought some rose cologone from Penhaligon. Powerful stuff; not as subtle as I'd wanted.
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Acqua di Parma - Colonia Assoluta is my current favorite.
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Let me tell you boys this(you'll probably laugh and point but whatever): Ladies love "Glacier Bay" which is a men's cologne found in Bath and Body Works. Every girl I've been by(friend, girlfriend, relative, stranger) absolutely loves the scent. Not only that, but it's cheap as all get out too. It's $20.00 for a pretty damn big bottle. Check it out...It won't disappoint.
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