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RLPL "Tuxedo Duster"

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I came across this item on ebay. I suspect the description is a bit of a misnomer, saying "tuxedo" with that lapel. But I am curious - on what types of occasion would you wear something like this? It's long like overcoat, but fitted like a suit jacket or sport coat. It's not a morning coat...please enlighten me.
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My 100th post. I've arrived. I'm sure some will disagree but I think it looks like an abomination. I wouldn't ever wear something like that.
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agreed, its hideous
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It seems a bit costume-y, like a Ralph Lauren product commissioned by International Male.  No surprise that it has been languishing on eBay (I see it whenever I do a search for "purple label") for quite awhile with no bids.
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reminds me Ralph Lauren /International Male / the Matrix / Amish. Not a look I really want to pursue.
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Too many details. Throat latch, hacking and ticket pockets, pickstitching. Whoever made this must've entreated Ralph to think again. I can see him shaking his hoary head, "No, my Italian friend, I must have this jacket to go with my tooled tan leather pants and velvet, monogrammed formal shoes." What's the deal with this anyway: Corneliani 4-button . Not a fan.
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Thank you for confirming my suspicions...
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I appreciate the fact that it has so many sartorial extras: the tab collar, the pick stitching on the lapel, the ticket pocket, the slanted pockets, the completely useless shoulder basting, and on and on. Too bad I am not a 40 XXXXL.
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I don't think it looks so bad, but has way too many details to put it over a tuxedo. It looks very casual to me.
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With a 41" length, I'm guessing it's more of a frock coat than a duster. I'd probably gp for it if I knew I was nominated for an academy award this spring.
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Hmm, I think the problem that it's being described/seen as a tuxedo coat. I see it as more of a very dressy overcoat. Could be cool worn that way... edit - but you would have to be super-slim.
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If the forum wants to buy it for me, I'll show you all how it's worn in style. There are a lot of details, but it can be pulled off.
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What's the problem here, is the guy's back yard only 5x5'? Stand back from the @#$~. thing and lets see it. I don't think it would be as bad as everyone thinks if you could see it all at once. I might rock that with jeans & a smirk but it's certainly not a "tuxedo duster", whatever TF that means.
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I'd wear it with boots, really tight flared light colored jeans a tight tee, and pretend that I'm Jon Bon, playing some Jersey stadium circa 1987. Either that, or as j suggested, just pair with jeans and a smirk. Maybe some shades.
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I think it needs a top hat, gloves, high collar and stock, walking stick/riding crop and horse (and carriage?) Just the thing for a spring afternoon ride through Central Park.
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