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I may be a littler slower at this than I had hoped. I still can't do more than 2 laps and it's been over a month.
Good stuff jarude. Thanks.
I started doing more playing around and less worried about lap swimming. I notice I actually swim further with less exhaustion--by which I mean I feel like I catch my breath by simply doing side glides like you described and just holding out one arm and kicking and switching arms to breath... kind of hard to describe, basically just practicing kicking without kick board. It's when I want to start doing what I see everyone else do the front crawl or freestyle that I can't catch my breath.
I notice it really is about being relaxed and just plain getting feel for water, which is easier said than done. I went 5 days without practice or pool, and wow, I noticed a difference, just when I thought I wouldn't feel clumsy anymore I had to acclimate again to being in water. I will stay committed this summer, hopefully I find a year round pool and I muster up will to keep practicing at least once a week.

I was kind of the same way. I would be stuck at a couple of laps in a row and then all of a sudden I'd do 5. Then slip back, and then do 6. Etc... It seemed to come in spurts.

I have to breathe with every stroke and I also, as you mentioned, have trouble relaxing. The more I did it the more relaxed I got. Unfortunately, I've really only mastered breathing out of one side. I've tried both but like with most sports I have one "good" side and one "bad" side.
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Swimming is my main sport,I'm a distance swimmer (1500m in the pool, anything more open water!).Swimming is a sport that is not natural to everyone. Walking, running, biking, all of these are quite easy to master, however, it takes some coordination and stamina to learn how to swim and to top it all off, before we improve our swim technique, we all have a different swimming style based on our physical ability which makes it that much more challenging.Learning how to swimming doesn't have to be boring or traumatic but can actually be many fun, if the right strategy to diving training is used.I recently learning the butterfly stroke.



overlap pool liners

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I have Hydrophobia, so i need to say: you are great! fing02[1].gif

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I swim 2-4 days per week most of the year... My speciality is long distance open water (especially in triathlons). My longest swim this year was a 10km open ocean swim in Kailua-Kona, HI. I also swam in high school and college (in college, I had the "pleasure" of swimming the 500, 1650, 400IM and 200 Fly my final year). I'll tell you that 200 Fly hurts more than a two mile open water swim!


Since I'm training for an ultra-distance bike race now, my swimming has been cut back. I swam 2200 yards last night after work.

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Swimming is a great way of exercise and I think it is just your fear because he told you some major techniques of swimming but you are afraid to swim in deep water. I suggest you apply those techniques and not swim in deep water.

Above Ground Pools

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As a senior citizen  , here is my two pennorth .


five days a week I swim for 20 mins at a good pace wearing training fins. ( Training fins, short, stiff and make you work.)


I cycle to the pool at a good pace , which is about 3.5 miles away.


I have wondered, that at 72 and not in any competetive sport, what kind of drugs would increase my muscle mass?


I couldn't be banned you know.

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