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Visible scarring, do you try to cover it?

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Allright, I thought about this last night as I was talking to one of my friends.

He has a scar about 1" long above his right eyebrow and he absolutely hates it. He smears every imagineable kind of scar fading treatment on it and goes so far as to put makeup on it at times to hide it. He considers nothing about it good and is afraid of people noticing it.

I have one that's about 3/4" long that goes from just below my left nostril almost all the way to my lip. However, I consider scarring as "character marks" and consider each one a reminder of a story or a reminder of what not to do. I almost look forward to the summer when my face takes color except for the line across my lip. (and another by my right eye, but I have to get REALLY dark for it to show up)

So, do you consider scarring on the face, hands, and lower arms stories and marks of character or do you try to cover yours up?
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i think its alright in some places like slight ones on your leg, arm etc because they can be conversation pieces lol. but i dont know if youd really like a large one on your face.
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I have a small facial scar from a disagreement with a horse. when I am tan it is very visable, most of the year it isn't. wouldn't dawn on me to hide it. I think that scars add character.
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i do have one large scar, but it is not visible to the public, as it is situated on my heart. oh woes me, woes me.
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My ex has a very visible horizontal scar under her eye where a cow stepped on her face and she's incredibly beautiful. I do think they're marks of character but as for whether or not they're too unsightly, I think that depends on the position, shape, etc. I've seen some pretty nasty scars that I wouldn't necessarily want to show off. Edit: Oh, and I have tons of scars I would never think of covering up but, fortunately, they're not very visible. Got in a fight and had a tooth end up jutting through my lip which has healed up nicely, nice line on my chin where it was busted open (exposed bone; was pretty disgusting), skin graph on my wrist, stab mark on my arm, etc. I'm really lucky I haven't been turned into a hideous beast.
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dam that girl looks like a cow stepped all over her face!
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I've got a few, but all are around the edges of my face - nothing front and center. Thers is one that causes me great anguish, but it's because it was once hidden by my hairline but is now in full view.
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Trying to hide a scar could make it look worse.
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Just another part of an interesting life. People who don't get hurt haven't lived.
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I busted my chin three times as a child; I only remember two of the instances. The scars are visible, but don't bother me. I had a pretty bad accident as a teenager (fell on my face and made contact with a big rock). It didn't leave a visible scar, but there is an adhesion (made of up scar tissue) under my check. As a result of the injury, my smile is asymmetrical. I would like to have it fixed, but it would probably be expensive and they would go underneath my eyelid to do the surgery (ooch!). Maybe when I get a bit older, I can combine that surgery with a facelift!
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Saw this when I was 12 and wanted that scar for years. Scars == character.

jong, I didn't peg you as a big fighter. Most gamers don't fight much IRL.
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I was reading a book about Al Capone, and he would powder his face with talcum powder in order to hide his assorted scars.
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Depends on the scar, I guess. I've got one just under my nose that's bareful visible (especially now that I have a beard). On the other hand, a friend of mine ripped open his lip when we were biking a few years back and at first it was not so much a 'character mark' and more a disfiguration. It's much better now, but in those circumstances hiding it would make sense.
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I'm ambivalent. I have lots of scars due to various run-ins and operations over the years. I have one on my forehead that is not obvious, but I'm very self-conscious about a scar I have on the tip of my nose, where a skin cancer was removed. I have a pattern of about 6 ugly scars on my abdomen as a result of surgery. I am very self-conscious about them, and even gave up swimming so that I would not be showing them to the world. One on my groin is not going to be displayed in public regardless. Others (wrist, hand, feet) don't bother me.
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I have a few small unnoticeable scars on my body and a big one on my right foot from when my ex gf's 30 pound glass and steel shower door came off it's track, landed on my foot and shattered while I was taking a shower.

... I don't mind those, but I think I'd mind a big scar on my face like your friend does. Maybe he should consider laser treatment to remove it or make it less noticeable?
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