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Who makes brooks brothers shoes?

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I assume Made in USA's are Alden. I've heard that Peal & Co. are Crockett and Jones (or is it Ed Green?). Who makes the Italy ones? And correct me if I'm wrong on the other two. And, how would you rate BB quality as compared to say Polo in a similar price range, or Alden's own shoes.
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Alden does make the high-end BB American made shoes. The BB Aldens are essentially identical to the Alden-branded versions. The only difference that I know of is on the tassel and strap slip-ons, in which the BB version has skin-stitching at the heel counter, whereas the Alden version has a plain heel. The current Peals are made by Sargent, used to be made by C&J, and before that were Greens. Do a search for Peal on this site and AskAndy for past discussions of this topic.
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Are you sure that's correct? A posting on AskAndy posited that the shoes with a "Peal & Co" stamp on the heel in gold were by Sargent and the ones with a black stamp were C&J. I happen to be wearing a BB Sargent model right now, a black oxford with apron stitching that tapers nicely. I had wanted to buy the split toe model (the Algonquin model made by C&J) but found it painfully narrow.
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I don't know for a fact that all the BB Peal shoes are now Sargents, though I doubt they would be using two suppliers. Perhaps BB still has some old stock of the C&J-supplied shoes. I would assume the AskAndy posting was correct. I haven't seen the Peal shoes in the past 6 months, so I can't speak authoritatively.
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The Made-in-England BB shoes that I've seen (in Washington, DC) are almost surely Sargent - they have a distinctive light dotted line on the soles that exactly matches the Sargents that I have seen at another retail shop here. As the previous poster said, BB may still have old stock, but all of the Peal Shoes that I've seen lately are Sargents.
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