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Sartorial cut ??

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Can someone explain to me what is a sartorial cut ? (excuse me if the question sounds silly...) I am 6'1", heavy frame (and heavy weight : 240lbs) with very large torso and shoulder. Would that kind of cut fit me ? Thank you Pedro
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I imagine you are referring to Bluefly's description of its Zegna suits. First of all, I believe Sartorial cut is normally used to refer to a jacket that is shaped through the waist and chest, but I could be wrong. But for what it's worth, I don't find Zegna's to be like that at all. They are relatively boxy OTR. I think they'd fit your frame well, actually.
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It depends where you buy the Zegna. Department stores and discount outlets don't carry the same makes as the boutiques. If you go the the Zegna stores the cut is more tapered.
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Is this correct? All I know is, the Zegnas I've tried on at Saks and Niemans are virtually untapered through the waist -- very boxy.
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Is this correct?  All I know is, the Zegnas I've tried on at Saks and Niemans are virtually untapered through the waist -- very boxy.
Yes, I have two friends that work at the Zegna store in NYC, so it's true. Sak's and Neiman's are dept. stores, they (for the most part) get different merchandise and models than the retail stores. This is the same for most other brands as well. Merchandise also differs depending on region as well. Italy's Zegna suits are VERY different then the ones we get here in the US.
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And by different, you mean better.
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And by different, you mean better.
If you mean in Italy, you bet your ass... The Zegna shirts there are outstandingly cut as well. If you want a good example of what I'm talking about take a look at the Boss suits in Bloomingdale's, and then try a boutique. It's night and day. Then look at the Boss in Italy, there you'll find side vents, and nicely rolled lapels, slim cut trousers. You wouldn't even know it's the same brand.
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