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May sound like an odd question to the more experienced in raw denim here, but does the dye from raw jeans stain leather like on the Blucher Mocs?
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Yeah, it can, but it won't be by much. I haven't worn my Bean mocs since last weekend when I stepped in dog shit at a party in someone's dark yard.
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I just got a pair of the Blucher Mocs in brown and I would recommend them. I got them a week ago and they are the only shoes I've worn since.
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Im placing an order for the LL Bean Blucher Mocs in a day or two, and I was wondering if they run true to size. Or should I size up or down?
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I say true to size but I've heard others say size down 1/2. I went same as my Allen Edmonds size, which happens to be my Jack Purcells and Chucks size as well. I am one of the select few who does not size down at all on Chucks.
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Nothing is as good as it used to be, a sure sign that we are all aging and slowly becoming old farts.

For $70 those LLBs are hard to beat. But please don't wear them with shorts.
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The Bean Blucher's aren't bad, but I'll stick with my Quoddy's. Just like the Bean Blucher's of old, IMO.
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They're ok but certainly teeter on the edge of being a douche. Stay away from wearing them with a sport coat, a bowtie and pink shorts and they're ok.
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What are you trying to say?
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Two questions: 1) How do you get Bean mocs to look like this: I have been wearing mine for almost a year with several applications of Obenauf's LP, and they are still really dull looking. No patina to speak of. and 2) How do you tie those curly knots?
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I wish I would've spent some more on Quoddy bluchers instead
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Yeah, I wish I would have gotten Quoddys before the ridiculous price increase. I can't justify spending $180 on blucher mocs.
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To find out how to tie the "Eastland Knot," scroll to the bottom of the page:
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Thanks JOA.

Anyone know how to get a nice patina? I hate to polish them, but a cordovan polish and maybe even a bit of blue might help them get that color. Any thoughts?
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