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CT details aren't gonna be great. Fabric doesn't match. No gauntlet button. Plastic buttons. My primary complaints. But ties are nice.
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I just received a shirt from CT Friday. Cuffs match, collar matches, MOP buttons. Not sure what you are refering to.

Maybe on Italian shirts there is supposed to be a gauntlet button, not on English made shirts.
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They have a couple of shoes on deep discount right now (significantly cheaper than the Loake equivalents). I'd recommend using their UK site rather than the US one and do the conversions yourself, as theirs, both currency and shoe sizes, tend to be off.
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Non matching patterns are ,a mark of, superior tailoring?

Originally Posted by sonlegoman View Post
CT details aren't gonna be great. Fabric doesn't match.
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I generally like the material and cut of the slim fit, but I hate the way that, for whatever reason, their top button is incredibly difficult to button and unbutton.
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I've been generally pleased. Shirts and ties from them tend to be good, and I'll agree with the tent-vs-kinda-slim-fit comments above.

Beware the made-in-china stuff, though. It can be hard to tell sometimes, but if the item was made anywhere half-decent (England, Italy, &c) they'll mention it.
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I think some of the styles ct has are certainly interesting, but they are certainly only worth picking up on sale... especially with their 140s.
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I think their poplin slim fits are worth 50 bucks each. Mine have lasted 3 years so far. The "calf leather" shoes were a good deal for $150 as well.
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Despite what Flussers says, I don't see a gauntlet button being the mark of a well made shirt. Except for the shirts I buy from BB, I have MTM shirts made without that bothersome button. Unless the gauntlet is especially long I don't see the need for the button.

Cheers, Jim.
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I think the shirts are ok if you can find them for under $50, but the fabric on the regular shirts is really not great and it shrinks in the wash!!! And Yes, I know how to wash my shirts so don't say anything in regard to that.
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They have probably the best priced sale items with plenty of styles. I always try to drop by their NYC store however I find that e shirts shrink a little bit at the sleeves.
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Does anyone know who makes their luxury calf shoes, specifically these? http://www.ctshirts.com/men's-shoes/calf-leather-shoes/Black-luxury-calf-leather-Oxford-shoes?q=usddefault||MC003BLK|||||||||||||

I am looking for an alternative to the AE Park Avenue with a longer toe cap. Also, does the above shoe fit the same as their lower-end line?
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Thanks. Are they comparable to AE in quality?
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I think the consensus is that if they're built to Loake 1880 standards, then it's better than AE.
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