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Originally Posted by Saucemaster View Post
I both roll my l/s shirts and wear s/s buttondowns. On a truly hot day, especially if it's humid, rolling a l/s is not at all comparable to wearing a s/s. VENTILATION, people.

The only short sleeved sport shirts I wear are a couple of seersucker shirts. I have western and linen long sleeved shirts that I roll. I have a short sleeved Ben Sherman somewhere, pattern is nice but overall it's kind of rubbish.
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There are two being sold via the link in my signature.
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I was really skeptical of s/s button downs too, have found very little that fit well, and dont shrink to shit. I just picked up a new one that fits perfect and has great proportions by G-Star Raw. it was like 120$ though. G-Star has great detailing and sizing on their shirts from what I've experienced, I also picked up a cool one at Guess for like 80$ (most people wouldn't try looking there I know).
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Originally Posted by TheDroog View Post
Whoa, how have you not heard of Penguin? They're everywhere ...

Anyway, here is a link to their short-sleeve button down shirts:

The full retail prices on the website are ridiculous, just find them at discount at Macy's or Filene's.

Yeah.. maybe I've seen them, but haven't paid attention to them. I don't like a traditional shirt hem for ss shirts. I like a straight hem for shirts I wear untucked.
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Try H&M, tey have some cheap stuff in for the summer and I'm pretty sure they do button downs.
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Dunno if Uniqlo Japan has different stock to its foreign branches, but this Summer they have some very nice S\\S BDs in the same pattern as Ben Sherman, just a "tighter" check (if you know what I mean?). The only prob OTR is that they're too long to wear untucked, so a trip to the tailors is necessary. But for 2990 Yen, they're hard to beat IMO.
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I picked up a YSL s/s b/d a few summers ago on sale in London @ $50~ CND; fit was great and it was cheap. I'd just look around stores for anything on sale and try em on.
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Zara is worth checking out. Recently bought a black gingham s/s that's really nice.
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