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had another excellent rascc man i can't understand how they're this good but I keep smokin'em

How do they compare the RASS? (which I picked up based on your reco)

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They are the best small smoke going right now you guys need to buy that shit asap I have four boxes.

It's like a mini rass maybe not as complex but very entertaining nonetheless and full flavor if you like that sorta thing. It's got a lot of weight on the palate which I personally prefer to say montecristos and such. The mouthfeel of the smoke is wonderful as great, good construction too, firm but draw perfect. No brainer for 110-120. Luckily any box you find will be 2012 and will be ready to smoke no waiting to age like rass, etc.
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Man I wish I could find some RASCC then. Never heard a bad thing about them. Just bought a box of Robo Ts for a little split.
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Very tempting, colleagues going down (to cuba) in a few weeks and again in the fall. That might have to go on my short list.

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10 d4

05 mag 46
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99 punch dc


and another 05 mag 46, smoked out
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Found this in a friends garage, he said I could have it. Does it look serviceable? How can I make this thing good as new and ready to use?
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First do this to check your seal and make sure you have a good seal. Then use a only barely slightly damp towel or rag to wipe the interior of the humidor to make sure you don't have anything in there that might affect the taste of your cigars. Then finally follow this guide on how to season your humidor. You want to have a hygrometer that is calibrated prior to this, so get a good digital hygrometer (I like the Xikar circle ones, but any digital one should do), and do the salt test for it prior to seasoning your humidor so you know your humidity. Finally, while seasoning your humidor order beads at 65% RH from either Heartfelt or Shilala and then you'll be good to go.
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Wow, very dead in here. Smoking a 2012 Epi#2 and a Monte GR#2 so far today. There's gotta be some guys also smoking good cigars over this fourth...
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It's overcast with a 50% chance of rain, but on the off chance it doesn't, I've got a 05 CoLa lined up for the afternoon.
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Monte #2 on my wedding night.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Monte #2 on my wedding night.
Congrats on the marriage, and the cigar, it's one of my favorites. cheers.gif
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congrats sg

had a qdo corona and a d4 last night
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Just got back from a month with my family in France and Italy. Many Havana Club 3yo Cuba Libres and HC 7yo straight, rocks, or splash of soda and lime. These were had with a box of 2011 Partagas Shorts I picked up in London first day of the trip. Love these (thanks Jet). Could have used more variety, but needed something ready to smoke. One highlight of our trip was the "vacation" from our vacation... relaxing on the patio of our seaside apartment in Ischia Ponte... Kids asleep in their room after full day of swimming and hiking, full moon, 2k yo castle, cigar and cocktail in hand.
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2012 Epicure#2's are great...smoked 14 from my box in 5 weeks.

V how was the CA herf?
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