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How did you like the Trinidads? I was looking at picking some up.

The quality is very consistent for a Cuban. Mine had a BD from 2008, so flavours were great too, generally most people object to smoking any Cuban too young, so you might want to see if you can get a box that was storesd already for a bit, but they are safer than most other brands I'd say.
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Cannot go wrong with a 2009/2010 Trinidad Robusto T. One of my favorite, most-consistent cigars.

Had an '01 Lancero tonight, w/ a 2011 BHK54 and Upmann Noellas. Noellas was actually the standout. Just great.
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Nice line up, J. Celebrating?

Smoked one of the '01 lanceros after I came back from Toronto and it was lovely. I'd say top 5 for sure! Surprisingly had pretty much the same flavours throughout the whole cigar, but they were layered. So it wasn't complex in the traditional sense of a cigar being broken down into thirds, but rather by presenting multiple flavours throughout.

Ole girl hooked me up with some CCs for my bday as well. Had to have spent a small fortune for these in Canada. I stepped into one shop and they had BHK54s going for $90 ea, Monte As were $110 ea, HU2s were $20 ea, D4s $24 - crazy! You have got to be fucking ballin' in order to smoke in Canada...

Plus an HU Monarch and a Qdo CC.
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Not to bad. Pepper!
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Just got back from Yucatan where I purchased about a dozen cigars at Casa del Habano in Playa del Carmen. Some very good standouts in the bunch, and others, meh.. Probably too young, but gave me an opportunity to try something different.. He had some Bolivar Royal Coronas that were smoking like fucking poetry..
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In fact, I am smoking one of those Bolivars as I type this. Must have forgotten to properly dispose of it before I left Mexico. Damn. I will be sure it is disposed of within the next 25 minutes..
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2011 Upmann Connoisseur #1's are also incredible.
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Nobody been smoking?

Broke out an RA Gladiator today. Nice larger cigar.
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haha was wondering the same myself, spring is in the air and it's glorious

had an excellent half corona with some armenian coffee earlier but been doing too many chores so no time for anything else today
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Had a '10 Sir Winnie the other day - unimpressive. A couple of '12 Half Coronas which were lovely, as usual. A couple of outstanding '12 RA Superiores. Super glad that I decided to let these sit a little bit instead of writing them off like I was planning originally.
Today had an '11 Monte Especial 2 which was garbage, an '06 Fundadores which was quire good and capping off the night with an awesome PLP and some henny on the deck in 70 degree weather smile.gif
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and this guy was hating on superiores
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I know, right?! They really are something special now! Each one I smoke is better than the last.
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i hate cigars..........

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well they are idiot repellant...
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