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Fucking beautiful day out. Fresh d4 (I think an aug 12 box) smoking a little tight, but reasonable overall.
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Just had a Half Corona. V, you should probably go, the PH guys don't screw around with their cigars, prob have some epic stuff passing around.

Got my 2 boxes of POS ENE07 Exquisitos yesterday, a very nice small cohiba. Whether </ > Siglo I, dunno, but it was nice.
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those are pretty much the only herfs i ever go to and dan's is always a good time the food is exquisite

worked all day today so will probably enjoy tomorrow, still haven't had a smoke yet
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baked a motherfuckin cake for the herf

plan on starting off with an 09 esplendido and some havana club when i get there, weather is a perfect 75
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a royal robusto and esplendido later

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You fucker, it's 40 here.

Had a nice custom Hermoso No. 2 supposedly from the Trinidad factory...good cream, some light spice.
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haha...nice man

craig gave me a 98 erdm pc which was nice

the rr jose passed out were really fucking good, upmann factory code
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Where is a pic of this cake you baked.

It was 62F yesterday. 39F tomorrow. Fucking state.
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I didn't take a pic of it or the food table, next time dawg.

Sposed to be 77 today.
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Can I trouble you for a recommendation on some always-on-hand smokes? Stuff to keep in the humidor on the regular.
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specifically CCs?
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Yeah, sounds good to me.
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Smoking a San Lotano at the moment. Very flavorful, robust, reminds me of something Padron might make.
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Had a San Lotano Oval about a month ago and I couldn't really pick out anything out of it aside from, as you mentioned, that Padronesque, Nicaraguan tobacco flavour and that heavy black pepper spice that is so common in those cigars.

Interesting that you bring this up because I had an OR 85 Padron last night and the the first third was nothing but those same flavours, however, after that it definitely became more interesting. The aroma became more intense with a pretty heavy blueberry smell, very much like older 80s. Had a bunch of leather and coffee on the palate, and a couple of these really interesting flavours popped up here and there that I can't describe, but I really hope they become more prevalent with another year or two of ageing. Also, thankfully no burn-the-shit-out-of-your-nostrils spice in the last two thirds either; certainly no Quai D'orsay, but very smooth.
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J, how are these? Same code as yours. They just landed so I want to let them rest for a while.

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