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Smoked that mobarch today... A lot milder than the old sxhool banded one I had before.

Here's a quick and dirty of the lanceros.


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I am currently just starting my new hobby of cigar smoking, which is good because I am moving to Tampa, Florida in a few months. For those outside the states, Tampa is basically Cigar City, USA.

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are those lanceros legit?
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Had to do a search before I said anything:
Originally Posted by tom153 View Post

So I should have some Lanceros coming tomorrow that I'll be sure to share some pictures of with you guys. Ready for cellophane wrapped Cohibas? biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

are those lanceros legit?

Not the same thing as these crackup[1].gif:

I'll try to snap some pics with an actual camera some other time.
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Originally Posted by coolpapa View Post

I really like that shop.

That whole Mayfair areas is #baller (and too expensive for me to breathe. They wanted to kick me out of the 'hood just for being there.)

You ever been to Fox's?
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Tom. Do you only smoke 11" long cigars.
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Is that a euphemism for something else? lol8[1].gif

I smoke plenty of corona gordas, petit coronas, panetelas, etc. No robustos really - not sure why. I did smoke a Sig2 and an Upmann Royal Robusto last night though.
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fuck i haven't had a smoke in over a week, saturday for sure
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RAS - I'm actually starting to like these more and more.

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fuck that reminds me, i have had a rass in months frown.gif
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Do the superiores remind of aged SSs?
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can't remember it's been awhile, but the grandes de espana def do and they're amazing
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P-short with coupla' Manhattans. Love these, but agree with Jet... Sig1s are the shite in this vitola for me. Only have 8 left though, so grippin'.
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big local herf on sunday i may partake in with ph guys again

want to have a smoke desperately tomorrow so going to try and find time, warming up on sunday and 70s all week can't wait
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