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oh man like over half of mine are bad, i'll have to dig up the code

just going to spend the dough on shorts cabs, rascc, huhc and sig is lol8[1].gif

still have some demi tasse i haven't cracked as well as pl monte carlos
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Wow, that sucks! Must be a crappy box given my experience with them.

Last time I had a P short was '07, but I remember them being just ok. I'm all about half coronas now; would buy them over any other small sticks. Thinking about putting five boxes away for a couple of years, but would need to pick up a couple more to smoke now. Hope the weather gets warmer soon so I can start smoking other stuff. I have some Monarchs on the way that'll probably take their spot.

I had a couple of '07 boxes of PLMs a while back that were nice, but they're long gone... Had a '10 PLPC last week that was nowhere near ready, so if you, or anybody else has some, I would recommend not even bothering with them yet.

Demi tasse is a lovely smoke. You won't be disappointed if you break into them smile.gif
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I was never one of the Short sackriders...after getting a few boxes of Party TPC's from '98/99 their complexity ruined me for the fairly one dimension that I find in the Short.

However, CoC had some '03 Short cabs, and I gotta say, with that much age, they are enjoyable.

Re: Halves, I got two more boxes recently and they arrived in the 5x5 tins. Really a practical solution for travelling and grabbing a quick smoke. Habanos SA even thought to put a few mm of foam at the cigars' feet for padding, shock of shocks.

Re: good PL, the German lonsdales (06? 07?) are really tasty at this point.

Gonna try an ROA '11 Upmann Connoisseur #1 tonight, heard good things and leading a group tasting over on ICC. Excited to try some POS ENE07 Exquisitos that are on the way, never had that or the Cohiba Panatelas. Got 5 boxes of '12 RASSC so good in the RA department.
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J, I had a Cohiba Panetela about a month ago and I thought it sucked! Was strong, bitter, did not pick up any cohiba flavours, nothing special in the aroma dept. either. Friend said his tasted like pencil lead.
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Might pick up some connie 1s too as I've been hearing good things about recent stock.
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Originally Posted by tom153 View Post

J, I had a Cohiba Panetela about a month ago and I thought it sucked! Was strong, bitter, did not pick up any cohiba flavours, nothing special in the aroma dept. either. Friend said his tasted like pencil lead.

I did smoke a off the truck Exquisito from a 1x5 cardboard petaca, and it had some wisps of beany Cohiba, but was very harsh...hoping the power of Partagas factory doing not much wrong in 06/07 plus some rest will do them good.

Smoking a Partagas Grand Pyramide from the 160th humidor, released in 2005. Damn good.
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right now damn good
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

right now damn good

Did you chew the end off instead of cut it? wink.gif

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Gran corona? Looks like the fingernail on cap method...enjoy
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Can't tell what it is by the pic, Demi Tasse, Petit Corona? Flawless looking wrapper there, playa!
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haha all you guys are wrong, choix supreme

i've never bought a box, but have smoked maybe close to a dozen thanks to the homie who opened my eyes to these and I must say that I really should get a box erdm is always forgotten and under-rated

this was recent production, full body through the nose, beautiful aroma and smoke, young and bright character loved it

i'm actually the master of snipping off the cap with my cutter (all my cuts are beautiful), i prefer minimal as possible, the ring is where i like to bite and draw from (pic courtesy of fantastic ip5 camera)
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can anyone ID the cigar, Hova is smoking?
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hdm double corona, you gonna run out and buy some now? lol8[1].gif
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So... buddy of mine owns the cigar store I go to. This is what he instagrammed the other day:

a 6"x80 cigar. Taking it too far perhaps...
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Bought a box of R&J short Church. and for the first time a box of Bolivar P.Coronas. Never had them before (I think) , what a treat that little cigar is. Un-fkn-believable how much flavor they managed to pack into such a petit body.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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