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Smoked an 08 edmundo and an 11 qdo corona, former was meh I'm going to refuse montes from now on unless they're especial 2s. The corona was good, lost it in the last 3rd (tom).
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02 ERDM corona de luxe, 10 BHK54. Both meh.
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Wasn't paying attention.

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CalTex are there any posts of yours that don't make you look like a raging idiot?
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At least he didn't post the pics from 5 minutes later when his pants caught on fire from humping that heater. Apparently Atlanta has not bought into global warming yet.
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

CalTex are there any posts of yours that don't make you look like a raging idiot?

Blow me
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Originally Posted by PartagasIV View Post

01 Lancero for me last night, magnificent:

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Demi tase last night.


And an '07 box of LGC #2s showed up today smile.gif
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Nice Sunday afternoon...
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was way too cold to smoke outside at home today, so had to go to the shop down the street.

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^tell me about it, was 79 yesterday and it's 59 now, too cold to sit outside

had a plp, partagas short and upmann half corona yesterday though
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Sat outside and smoked yesterday. It was 29F
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V, are you finally warming up to the panetelas?

I've been really liking Half Coronas. Picked up a few more boxes. I think once they sit for a couple of years, they'll mellow out a bit and turn into something really nice! What surprised me was how slow they burn - it's a 45 min cigar all day.
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You know the flavor has gotten better but I don't think I'll buy another box given all my draw issues with them. Half coronas are developing nicely.

I have to say my sig is are the best small smokes I have so I save them for occasional smokes. Need to find another el laguito box but they're hard to come by.
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What code do you have? I have smoked through no less than five boxes and have only had a few with bad draws.
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