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I went and had a smoke to go pick some stuff up that I'd bought and picked up this Rocky Patel 2003 while I was there. I quit smoking about two years ago, but I think I may be willing to have a cigar a week or so, since this went so well with my Ardbeg.
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from last week before i got sick

the du gourmet

back up in this, sunday had a d4, upmann 2 and hdm du gourmet

last night d4 followed by an 09 robusto T
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Had one of the new Cohiba Piramides Extra...didn't taste much bean-y, vanilla, or much at all. Pretty crap for $35.
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Glad I didn't buy a box, was really thinking about it but figured it was a bit much for what is pretty much a siglo blend.
Was an LE night for me. Had a monte grand edmundo which I really enjoyed and now finishing up an RA extra which is tolly meh.

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Glad I'm not the only one who finds the RA EL meh...I initially had four boxes and could not get anything other than generic EL wrapper taste out of them. Sold 'em.

Had a Partagas C#3 EL today, which was also a crap EL, and a Half Corona, which was excellent as always.
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i was the first to sell off my ELs and I think that caused a tidal wave hahaa

my buddy was smoking a c3 and he's not a huge fan of ELs, then i let him puff on my 09 trini and he was like damn you got any more of these??

Think i'm going to go downtown to a rum bar and have a smoke either there or a whiskey bar.
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^ Either of those sound good.

HU46 with dram of El Dorado 15yo on back deck. Nice match.
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Ended up at the rum bar in downtown LA last night, sipped vizcaya all night which was perfect with the hdm epicure especial, partagas short and upmann half corona.

Also met a lovely female we exchanged numbers with and I puffed on a dominican davidoff my cousin was smoking which was surprisingly nice (and tasted cuban).
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'07 LGC Tainos - cherish these things

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Goddamn, I want 500 boxes of these!

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08 mag 46 now.

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Started after 49er loss.

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any good recommendations for someone who wants to start smoking and learning more about cigars?
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Originally Posted by tom153 View Post

Goddamn, I want 500 boxes of these!


the tainos? I've had a couple aged ones, very nice floral smoke
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