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Currently 4 here. Quiet every one ya.
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half corona not burning properly, fire place lit, too tired for another and some scotch

maybe i go out but this heat feels good lol
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^ 60F two days ago. 15F this morning.

Just ordered up 4 boxes of PSD4s. Hope they are as advertised V
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bastard, mid 50s again here this is the coldest it's been in history

luckily going to be mid 70s next few days, too bad i'm fucking sick

enjoy the d4s, smoke one box fresh right away
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Haha. I saw the Kimmel bit about how the news channels in SoCal were talking about how cold it was being 50F. Interviewing people all bundled up saying how freezing it was. WTF. must be nice.

I definitely will. Had to jump on them seeing your and few others recommendations on the 12s
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I know you fuckers talk shit but our 50 is like your guys 40 with the zero humidity it's brisk as fuck, add wind to that? Shiet. At night it's been as low as 30s.

Enjoy, I need to get a few more boxes.
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Homeland must like Ramon Allones petit belicosos...sorry I'm not sorry.
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^I don't speak jive foo.

Ok I do but I still don't know wtf you just said.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

^I don't speak jive foo.

Ok I do but I still don't know wtf you just said.

Somebody other than Jamie is enjoying his cigars now.
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Ahhhh terrible man.
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Sorry to hear that, J. Let's hope this was just a fluke. Was it guaranteed?

Was rainy and cold outside, so I jumped in the car to smoke. Enjoyed this one as well.

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RASSC and Half-Coronas in stock at PE, FYI...just got the automatic emails. Kop!
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sold out lulz
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Party P#1...V I see why you seem to post you're smoking these a lot. Very good Partagas.
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How are the P2s.
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