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even a mag46 didn't make studying orgo any better ffffuuuu.gif
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MJP, the Montecristo to which you refer is not from the same region as the one about which we are talking. The dominican Montecristos are not something I would smoke, but their cuban counterparts are another story.
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Agree on #3--that and #5 fly under the radar of the #4, which I avoid because it's overproduced, inconsistent, and underwhelming.
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Never had a 3 myself so I can't say.
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Are there any box splits that go on in here?
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Not yet, certainly could be...we should wait until after Xmas though, shipping is a mess until Jan. Any particular cigars?
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Herfed with josh from ohio a couple times since he's been in town, he had a great 35th anni sig 5 along with my usual d4.
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Who knows, anything really. Lady C allowed me to buy a new humidor so I got lots of room for new stuff. I like to have stuff such as Padron 1964/1926, RP Decade's. I've got lots of Cuban's etc....Don't know but I enjoy the smoke when it's warm enough to have one.
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she let you have? lol
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They're not cheap and a happy wife....
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Oh nice how many boxes in your collection?
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Not that many. At the moment I have seven full/partially full and another 3 boxes of singles. Most are cuban but I'd rather smoke the padron's truth be told. I find them to be a wonderful smoke start to end.
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So I smoked a couple half coronas - veeery nice! Perhaps I was baby sitting it a bit, but the first one I had smoked for an hour and five mins! Have two more boxes on the way along with some RA Superiores and LGC Inmensos.
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Loaded up on some Viaje Holiday Blends!!! Smoked a Candy Cane. Fantastic construction. The dual leaf wrapper (barber pole) design was well executed. Another quality Viaje.
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