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SF Half Corona Master Case group buy split? In.

Yes please, but only have room for 1 box. These are right up my flavor profile and smoke time alley.
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Petit Robusto


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Originally Posted by Medwed View Post

Guys you seem to smoke a lot. Well, way, way more than I do, thus I'd like to ask:"What is your 5-6 most favorite Cuban Cigars?". No esoteric stuff, just go-to smokes that never fail you.
My list:
1. Partagas Lusitania
2. Romeo & J Churchill or Shot Church.
3. Partagas 898
4. Montecrsito N2
5. Monte N4

Originally Posted by mikeman View Post

What is a "master case"? Details please?

I believe it's 64 boxes but I could be wrong. Ordering a master case is baller as fuck.
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Jet, current D4's good?
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yes like piv said they are smoking very good young because they're using 2 year aged tobacco i heard, though you will get a bad box here and there like this fucking one I got but I'm going to cop 2 or 3 more this month
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Originally Posted by jet View Post


rass-Ramon Alones Spec Select

sorry for dumb re-post, I am not that fluent in cigar speak. Definitely recognize first two. But the rest-????Cohiba? Looking to pick your brains guys for some off the beaten path recommendations.
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cohiba corona especial
cohiba robusto
cohiba lancero

also partagas shorts, siglo i, siglo iv, partagas 898, partagas p1, ra small club corona, juan lopez 1, hdm epicure 1, rafael gonzalez corona extra, quai d'orsay coronas, upmann 2s, upmann royal robustos are all cigars you should stock
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Just picked up a box of RA Estupendos. These were a regional release a couple years ago, and I was fortunate enough to pick up an unbroken box from a collector I know.
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These are widely available and have lots of mixed reviews as well as some construction issues.
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The RA Estupendos is a great cigar when the draw is not an issue. I have been lucky to not have to break my 25-ct box yet, but I have had very tight draws on a couple fivers I purchased separately. Hope that you got a good box!

Also, H. Upmann Half Coronas are in stock at Puro. Kop now before they sell out.
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Thanks for the up to the minute stock update copped two boxes because of you. I already have one sold in case I don't like them.
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No. 3


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Copped a few boxes of psd4s.
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'70s 898 unvarnished. Incredible.

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^you never responded to my email
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