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Np dude, my box has been kind of flat. Tossed a too tight d4 and upmann 2 just now.

WIll fire up something else when it cools off some more.
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So why hydrometers do you guys use? I'm in the market for a new one, as my hydroset never seems to work correctly.
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I have the circular xikar ones in my humidor, but the batteries have been dead in them since the beginning of the summer. The beads do everything for me, never worried about fluctuations.
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I've got the beads as well. However, I'd still like to keep an eye on the temp/ RH.
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Royal Corona


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A little cigar pron of a recent group buy
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dawg how come you never include me in your secret little botl group baiz???
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haha not really

thanks J LOL
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It is a good feeling to have 25 pounds of the same cigar, albeit for a few days.

Smoked a Mag48 today. The EL wrapper seems to work for this, I liked it.
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Dang Partagas! You MUST post pictures of your humidor closet/ cave!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Those aren't all his bro lol.
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I'd also have to kill you after I showed you, so there's that.

Hoyo Regalos is very nice right now.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Those aren't all his bro lol.

Haha, oh. Well, I'm sure he still has quite a collection to show. I'm sure you do to, Jet.
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I've been working through a box of '98 Punch coronas (Habanos), a beautifully aged cigar. These are on the lighter to medium side and a preferred size. There are too few coronas produced these days.

I've just received a few recent production Behikes, and I can't decide whether to see what they are like now (by reputation these smoke well young), or whether that would constitute unacceptable infanticide.
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