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The honda civic of CCs, hopefully they're legit.
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Had a couple of non-Cuban Montecristos this week, a Padron Family Reserve, and an old Puros Indios while mowing the lawn.

I'm graduating with my accounting degree (late 20's career change) this Saturday and plan to celebrate with a 2004 Camacho Liberty that's probably approaching the end of its truly enjoyable lifespan.

The past year or so of heavier smoking has left my humidor much emptier than it's been in years, so I think I'm going to be taking part of my first paycheck at my new job to purchase a box of some good daily sticks and maybe a few assorted things for special occasions. Thinking a few different Padrons, Hemingways, and maybe some Partagas Black labels. Thought about Cusanos for working in the yard.
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Congrats on the graduation.

Anyone else a little pissed about the recent price increases? Glad I stocked up at least on Punch PC del Punch in the last couple weeks...
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So I got two Cohibas but they were dried out (dude doesn't smoke and has had them for a while). I remember there is some company that can restore them, any links/recommendations?

Also, landlord is going to Cuba for work. I'm debating what I should ask him to snag because he will be flying direct so it might be harder to bring them in. Thoughts? I was thinking the new line of La Gloria (always like their stuff) and maybe some of the Bolivars.
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You can restore them yourself, you just have to slowly bring up the humidity. There is plenty of info on the web and it isn't too difficult. With that being said, understand that they will be nowhere near what they once were.

I wouldn't ask him to bring back anything.
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Tom, got the goods today thanks man. Fucking bag smelled delicious, going to give them some humi TLC for at least a week before sparking up.

So glad the weather is warming up which means more fucking smoking.
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Awesome man. The mag is an '08, btw.

Went hard last night. Had two Sir Winnies, an ERdM petit corona, a mag 46 and a JL #1. The last two were a blur, haha.

Got some '11 PL Panetelas today and tried one. I'll try again after they get some rest - you can tell that there's some goodness hiding in the back. May need to let them sit for a year too. My fresh cab of PLPCs is almost unsmokable, but one from '10 is significantly better.
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Beautiful day in the emerald city.  Walked a Behike 52.  Marvelous, just marvelous...

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Kids down. Trini Reyes on back deck with Pyrat daqueri. Wouldn't buy this rum normally. It's a little to "designer" for my taste... but, it is actually pretty fine and was on sale for $19.
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Got this as a gift. Don't hear much about them on the boards, a nice cigar though. '05 Petit Piramides:

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I like R & J quite a bit.  Especially the corona gordas.  Although the Piramides are lovely.  I like the idea of a larger ring gauge without having to open your mouth so far.  Monty #2's for example.

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Only r&j I used to enjoy were the short churchills.
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Originally Posted by Edgein View Post

 I like the idea of a larger ring gauge without having to open your mouth so far.


btw i love how when I ask about R&J no one answers frown.gif
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My go to puros are Monty's, but I like Cohiba, Punch, R & J for a change of pace.  Or if I feel like a splurge, Trinidad or Behike.

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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

btw i love how when I ask about R&J no one answers frown.gif

that's bc modern r&j, punch and most montes suck unless you like bland one dimensional smokes
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