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Sorry, hit twice...

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

hell is fcuknu?
copped a box of famosos and a cab of epi especiales

When I lit the Aurora 107 robusto I am smoking right now, I must say I had the same thought.. satisfied.gif
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M. Dixon Humidor sold...

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Thanks for the announcement.

Smoked a great esplendido with bdeuce and krish last night. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Had a great night last night with a couple of friends. Grilled some pork chops and home made sausage and then topped the night off with 2 year old 44s. A friend held an ash for the whole cigar! Crazy for a Padron, right? smile.gif Also check out how much they actually shrink.
Smoking a '10 Ramon Allones Gigantes right now

Ed, ill shoot you a pm later.
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Classic photo!
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Nice ash. How was the RAG??

Had a Trini 40th last night, which was good, but then had a CGR single, which was extraordinary.
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RAG was just ok, nothing really jumped out and make me go wow... Not bad by any means, just very forgettable.
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Crazy ash.

Had a rag last year, same thing. Still want to get some of those cigars I don't smoke often and just age the fuck out of them.

Going to pick up that cab of des dieux soon I think.
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V, I got a place that has them significantly cheaper.
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Smoked an RA Extra earlier. Was actually not bad!

'11 (?) Punch Double Corona with a Hendricks martini right now
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Got from my buddy
-2005 partagas corona
-5th anni vr da
-conde 54

Thinking about sparking something up right now what I don't know.
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i just had a trini T. god i love those things.
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I dunno man that's become one of my least favorite cigars in my cabinet.

Just had an 09 sig vi that was pretty good, enjoyed it. Think these need minimum 3 years to be decent.
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