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Originally Posted by JohnGalt 

The 06 was the original release for the 40th anniversary. $40/stick is for the current BHKs.

my bad :o

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Had an '10 cce and 01 upmann royal corona tubo yesterday, was a good day.
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waiting for punch punch and coro boxes to arrive, already to order a bunch of petit corona Upmann's (JFK's cigar of choice), and H.Upmann leather travel humi with 5 robustos....I'm going to need to start posting pics for you guys.  Smoked a Davidoff 2011 White Edition Belicoso tonight, need to order one more box before they go bye bye.

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had a punch punch and a siglo VI today. punch was amazing, siglo tasted good but was plugged/had a shitty draw. big order tonight, h.upmann petits, monte #2's, and trinidad robustos


wanted the h.upmann travel humi and robustos, but they were sold out, maybe next time

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Fresh off the boat, the RA EL is markedly better than the Partagas E #2. Plus it's not chode-sized.

GATs and cigar for V.
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My Xtend is dead. Hadn't been lighting properly (would light intermittently and not hold a flame...) I tried purging and cleaning with compressed air - no go. Sent it in and it is not repairable - I had one of the older, Made in France models. They are replacing it for less than half the cost of a new one, which I suppose is damn fair considering that it is well out of warranty. The color is less than desirable (shiny blue), but oh well.
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^^ did you send it to their repair shop in Rhode Island or some shit. I have to do that soon. Been meaning to for a while.
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Yeah, I sent it to RI. They responded relatively quickly. I just emailed you the address. Be sure to purge before sending, include a note describing the problem and your contact information.
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The band on that RA AE EL looks great... might have to kop some.
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Originally Posted by Matto ELITE View Post

wow, Dom Perignon line? biggrin.gif


When did Davidoff discontinue their wine/champagne lines btw?

That's not a Davi DP.  It's a #1, I believe.  


Davidoff and Cubatabaco ended their relationship around 1991 effectively ending Cuban Davidoff's production.  These cigars are still available in the secondary market for $$$.


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You're right on--that was a #1.

These finally landed. Very rich smell. Yes, it's a terrible picture.
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Oh man ED 54s drool.gif
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Damn. PE stopped taking visa/mc and only accepts amex or wire transfers now. Very upset, I swore off amex last year. Can someone pm me the next best alternative, which does take visa? Stock is running low. Looking for some Pshort, HUpc and SigloI specifically. Thanks in advance.
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cocostella, PM sent

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smoked a Cohiba Esplendido last night, goign with a Davidoff 2000 to start the day with some coffee. Then, Saints/49ers time baby

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