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i'm pretty sure they are being cancelled. seen it on a few cigar twitter accounts i follow as well.

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Headed to Litchfield for the weekend, picked up two cigars at Nat Turner on 42nd.


1. Romeo y Julieta - Habana Reserve


2. Cheap Nat Turner.


Nothing special but looking forward to whiskey, cigars and views of the lake.  Cheers mates!

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Was in Montreal for the long weekend. While there I tried to smoke at least a few CCs. Only memorable ones where a SDN4 and Bolivar. Rest were just, meh.. Fact that the store over-humidified their stogies didn't help much I am sure.
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Just dug out a BHK54 from a march 10 box, while I watch the US Open online. Good, not great.
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Man what happened to this thread. Guess i have to man up. Sorry no pics but I had the following over the past couple weeks:

RyJ (domestic) reserva - interesting, better than expected, but that's not saying much
Mag 46 - strangely salty or something most of the way through, can't put my finger on it. but got a few puffs of caramel and chocolate half way through. straight up twix bar.
Zino platinum scepter (corona maybe??) - nothing special but it made up for the pouring rain
A few Davidoff primeros here and there

On Krish and others' recommendation picked up a couple Davi Maduro R's, and splurged on an assortment of other Davidoff's including a gran cru no.3 with a date on the shop's bar code sticker of '06, which could be interesting. Also picked up a 10 box of RyJ short churchills and (on a whim) partagas mille fleurs. Any experiences with the latter?
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Originally Posted by PartagasIV View Post

Just dug out a BHK54 from a march 10 box, while I watch the US Open online. Good, not great.

Baller ... :D

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Smoked a Siglo IV yesterday afternoon - was such a nice day. The smoke was delicious, but was a bit tight. May be better after sitting a year.
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Just finished a Por Larranaga Robusto German RE.  Not bad for a young cigar.

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Got an 08 cce and a jl2 on deck for tomorrow.
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Just had an esplendido on The porch. Perfect late Sunday afternoon smoke with a book.
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If you are ever in Hong Kong, check out the Red Chamber Cigar Divan on Pedder street in Central. A truly impressive selection of Cuban cigars and designed like a Chinese opium den. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Wifi, drinks, and nice touches like a closet for your coat (so it doesn't smell like smoke).

I had a La Gloria Cubana Inmenso - a vitola made especially for La Casa De Havana, which is apparently a retailer (never heard of them). Big cigar, but not too strong - great even draw and a nice flavor. Perfect way to kill an hour and a half before heading to the airport - the airport express is a block away.
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Smoked a choix supreme and a cohiba lancero that was superb as usual.

Today an 898v and dunno what else.
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Had a couple smokes this week after a month or so hiatus. Smoked (and then subsequently rushed and ruined) a Tatuaje, had a small (and delicious) 1964 maduro, and I'm about to go out back and have something on the porch while working on some accounting homework. I'm thinking a Padron 1964 Maduro Imperial I picked up the other day or maybe a Hemingway that's kicking around in the humidor.

Joined the local B&M's "club", so I'm thinking the discount may present a great excuse for more frequent purchasing.
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Smoking a 06 Sig I.  Just beginning to shine.  Paired it up with some nice Oban.

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Smoked a choix supreme and a cohiba lancero that was superb as usual.

Today an 898v and dunno what else.

898 was very good with some macallan, buddy smoked a p1 and other homie had an 09 mag 50 then a slenderella

was gifted a choix de l'epoque
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