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next up
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Over the weekend, I tried out about four Tatuaje Havana VIs. Is this stick meant to be Tat's homage to the Siglo VI? Not entirely sure.

At any rate, this was a decent cigar that suffered from irritatingly inconsistent burn issues. Very uneven burn that required frequent touch-ups. Also prone to "tunneling," i.e., where the inner leaves start burning more quickly than the wrapper and binder leaves.

Experienced varying degrees of annoyance with the burn on all four sticks, leading me to believe that either I'd been given an improperly stored batch, or the cigar just burns unevenly.
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remnants of an 08 d4
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My last Cohiba Robusto.

I hope my Cuban friend comes through soon.
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One of my buddies graduated today, and his older brother (who's in the military) is here until some time tomorrow. Hope to get some CoRos in before they leave.
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Sitting in my backyard on a cool, clear night in Austin with my dog sleeping by my side. Smoking a Rocky Patel 1990, listening to Asleep at the Wheel channel on Pandora, all dark and staring at the stars. Not a bad way to end a good weekend.
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Jet: manicure. Fwocker. - B
- jet
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I recently bought my first full box of cigars - La Flor Dominicana Ligero L300. 5.7 x50. Super stoked to have my humidor filled up. Also barely missed a bid for a box of Oliva serie V robustos.
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an out of focus 40th anni
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Live in NY and smoke... or just hate ridiculous taxes? There is currently a bill in the state senate to put a $1 cap on cigars in NY State. The current tax is 75% with no cap. So if a cigar costs 10 bucks Wholesale, its 17.50 before the retail markup, this bill would make it 11 bucks. Theres a list of senators to call to make sure the bill is passed. John Defrancisco: 518 455 3511 Charles Fuschillo: 518 455 3341 Tom Libous: 518 455 2677 Michael Nozzolio 518 455 2366 Joseph Robach: 518 455 2909 Stephen Saland 518 455 2411 Dean Skelos 518 455 3171 Catharine Young: 518 455 3563 Help us NY smokers out. I just paid 20 bucks for a fucking anejo
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an out of focus 40th anni

Does smoking around the computer make your laptop smell? I have always had the urge to take my laptop into the the local shop to get some work done but I fear my laptop will forever smell like smoke.
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broke as a joke
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