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What do you guys think of superiores?
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Originally Posted by Don Carlos View Post
By "heavy," do you mean strong (nicotine content), or do you mean full-bodied (flavor profile)?

The VI is strong. Very powerful stuff in that stick. The first one I smoked left me higher than a few bongs full of choice maryjane.

Full bodied. I have smoked the Siglo I through V, but no luck with the VI. Hopefully I don't wind up getting blasted when I finally do as I will be somewhere that I am unfamiliar with....
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Had a small Cuban Montecristo last night.

Gotta say, even though I am a total newb, or much less of one now, cubans just blow everything else out of the water.
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Ain't had no Superiores, forumspeak that I read was that out of the 2 months' production, one was pretty superior(e). Haven't browsed any of those places for weeks, sorry not much help.
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All good I'm broke right now anyway.

If I like the ra alemania belicoso this weekend, you know a place that still has them in stock?
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Looking like my first ever three stick day. Here is stick #1 at a new lounge I found. Trying a new boutique Crown David Ex:

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Alright, so my aunt gave me a quite difficult task of finding a box of cigars for a wedding. HOWEVER, she only wants to spend like 125, as most people will chomp on them for a bit then toss them. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe some Brickhouse or some Padron (2k or 3k). Suggestions/links would be great. Thanks in advance.
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^^ i was going to say brickhouse or padron for the $125 range. if you want to go the cuban route there are a lot of nice boxes in the $150 range.
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i also enjoy these
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Stick#2 Draw is tight...rrrr.

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padron 3k, done
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post
Great cigar, and pretty affordable, has a really nice spice to it and I swear I taste some graham cracker. Also if you decide to go the CC route, R&J and etc have some great tube cigars. I think that would be the best route, it would look nice and not a bad smoke as well.
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98 upmann aromatico 2
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first up
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