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DPG JJ Maduro in Plazza di Santa Trinta - Solid smoke, I use to like the JJ a lot more. Its a little one dimensional. DPG Blue Label - a lot better than the JJM, not that the JJM was bad, but a lot more flavor and complexity Jaime Garcia RE at Il duomo di Frienze - decided to focus on the DdiF as its so beautiful. Great cigar, not as good as I remembered it, but still probably the best of the day
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You prefer these Garcia cigars to Cuban cigars that are sold two blocks away from where you sit?
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fcuknu, I agree with you on the Blue Label/JJ Maduro faceoff. The JJ Maduro is good, but the Blue label is definitely the king of the DPG line. More flavor, complexity, that signature DPG spice; it's all there. What is popular in NC cigars right now is exemplified in the DPG Blue blend: full-bodied, spice, flavor, complexity.
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03 jl #2
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Mystery smoke. Honestly, my only buddy who burns legit sticks gave it to me and said, "lemme' know what you think tomorrow." It started out a nic bomb, then progressed through two other distinct stages... Coffee/leather into cocoa/wood/caramel. Not a life-changer by any means, but quite enjoyable. If I had to guess... I'd say a well chosen mid-tier type deal. Will report back tomorrow! Bdeuce - will give your suggestion a try. Also, so-cal coastal, in my sector, hit 44 last night, FYI.
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Cabaiguan Guapos Maduro - One of my favorite PJ cigars, love the broadleaf wrapper. A little too fat for me, but still really good. I paired it with some Havana Club Anejo Reserva. La Aurora Barrel Aged - Really underrated cigar. Complex, lots of flavor, a great smoke. Average constrution.
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Originally Posted by Pezzaturra View Post
You prefer these Garcia cigars to Cuban cigars that are sold two blocks away from where you sit?

Well, I do have regular access to habanos, so its not like Im tasting forbidden fruit. I will be visiting when I go to roma. I will probably pick up some ERs and Behikes.

J, have anything new I need to try? Ive been smoking NCs 90/10 recently.
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Is anybody in the cigar business here? Thought about small cigar lounge...
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Don't know how it is in your neck of the woods but such an idea would be illegal here and I wouldn't be surprised if your local laws changed in the not to distant future to be in line with a ruthless anti smoking agenda. Although there are exceptions such as the state of Washington.
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Originally Posted by Egert View Post
Is anybody in the cigar business here? Thought about small cigar lounge...

I used to be. Used to work for the european distributor of oliva, and we delivered to estonia as well. Also worked in the distribution for the Netherlands for various brands and one oliva lounge.
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In Ohio, unless you were grandfathered in, you have to have a freestanding building in order to be able to smoke indoors (not to mention sell at least 80 or 85 percent tobacco). You can't sell/serve alcohol and be able to smoke inside unless there aren't any employees present (iirc). So essentially cigar bars can't exist in Ohio.
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Vote on my next box boys

sig iv
sig vi

or any other recs sup PIV where you at??
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Esplendidos or BHK. Given the choices above, however, I'd go VI.
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jep, def VI. post pics obviously
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^not a huge fan of esplendidos and they're overpriced to hell

got a box of behikes from sz coming in a couple months with a friend

leaning towards the iv since I had one from 08 that was outstanding but another that was plugged :/
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