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Originally Posted by Krish the Fish View Post
Bought a box of La Aroma de Cuba Robustos & LFD Air Bender Maestro (robusto size-ish). Like the La Aromas, not sure as to why I picked up the Air Bender box. Hopefully it gets better than the few I've smoked so far.

Also, going to UPS to pick up my humidor (they tried to deliver today, but no one was home) tomorrow, and seasoning will begin shortly, once my Boveda for the hygrometer comes & I can adequately calibrate it (I want to do as little work as possible in calibration... plus in a college apartment, salt test could end badly). Next box on my list: CAO Mx2.

Any suggestions on cigars to fill my 250 count box with? My B&M, and another near here, has Opus X's in stock (mine has the Double Robustos, not sure about the other), so those will be slowly added & aged in my humi. I read some favorable reviews about the CAO La Traviata, anyone have any experience with it? And I'm assuming the Liga Privada will be a suggested pick?

I'm going to the B&M tomorrow to sample some more...

Why not get some singles before you launch into boxes?
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agreed. you will save yourself some cash just going the single route for now. just look at those airbenders i did not like the airbender at all.
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Yup, old-style band as well. Much more subtle than the 01's I have smoked. And some tea flavors, which was I did not expect at all.
Originally Posted by ama View Post
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Originally Posted by ama View Post
Why not get some singles before you launch into boxes?

Yeah, I'm going to pick up some singles today at the b&m. I absolutely love the La Aroma de Cuba, so I knew that it would be my first box. As for the Air bender.... should have just bought the Ligero Oscuro (which I haven't had, but I heard good things), or the DL-700 maduro (which I have had, and was very very full bodied).

Hopefully I can get some Tatuaje Tubos when I'm at the store (they seemed to be stocked well when I was there on monday), a few of the Opus X double robustos, and maybe the CAO cuban press sampler?
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the ligero and double are light years ahead of the airbender, IMO.

tat tubos are good. i like the black more than the red.

look for the la traviatas from CAO. i don't like the rest of their lineup with the exception of the Brazilias. there has been mixed reviews from a quality standpoint on CAOs lately, but the la travs are very very good.
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For what it is worth, I like the Brickhouse more than the La Trav in that price range.
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^^ brickhouse is great. i picked up a few more of those yesterday. almost tempted to buy a box since my store has a buy a box, get 8 free deal.

a stunning day today. going to enjoy the tigers play the bosox and light up an anejo later.
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just had a vega fina robusto and then a partagas lusitania. it has been a sloppy afternoon
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High 70s from today on, think I may do an anniversary when I get home.
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No man relax, 64 maduro.

The psd4 hit the spot after dinner and my coworker shows up to the patio with a no9 I got him hooked on haha.
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It's one of the coldest Mays on record in Paris, highs of about 10-12 each day with wind and rain. I can't believe it. I haven't been able to smoke in 3 weeks.

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Took the afternoon off.

Started off with typical Tat spice, progressed into a dark creamy coffee taste with hints of leather, finished with wood and more leather. I liked the 2nd third the best, but no complaints from me for the whole stick. Burn and construction were fine.
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^^ nice. having a quick MC4 before the tigers game. need to buy more soon. great smoke
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Just finished a Padron anniversary principe maduro. delicious
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