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but if we move I may be adding an Aristocrat to the mix, so this information is interesting to me and could be pertinent to my life.
Well, time to burn some miles and route thru Dubai duty free, I guess...

I feel you on the full humidor part. I've actually been trying to cull down from an Aristo THC M plus & 4 coolers to M plus/2 coolers. But I know of a couple guys at least who have been stockpiling what you'd expect from iHav, etc, for resale value domestically in 6-18 mos. Lying if I said I hadn't thought about it! Last time I moved, I actually put everything in coolers and used fine art storage, I'd recommend that for your move. Go for the Aristo! Bob was great to work with and post-sale has been helpful when little things arise.

And who knows how much I know. I thought this was thin, pretty one note. Cocoa to charred cocoa. Hate LE wrapper, this was a gift but wouldn't buy:

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To wit, from a major EU LCDH:
Dear Aficionados,

In the latest days, weeks and months we received plenty of info, news and rumours on what is happening with our precious Cuban cigars. With this email I would like to give you my personal opinion and some facts concerning the current supply:

1. Due to 3 bad harvests there is a huge lack of large wrappers meaning the large vitolas became scarce.
2. A large amount of Cuban cigars has been bought by Imperial Tabaco to prepare the sales of Cuban cigars in the US
3. Exponentially increasing Tourism in Cuba increased local sales of Cuban cigars which means export is reduced
4. Yesterday the US Government announced US Citizens can bring unlimited amount of Cuban rum and cigars back to the US (previously limited to 100 USD)

This results in the following:

1. Our importer can not supply Cohiba anymore for the coming months
2. Next to Cohiba; following cigars will not be supplied anymore for the coming months: Montecristo Eagle, Partagas E2, RyJ Wide Churchill, Hoyo de Monterey Double Corona & San Juan, H.Upmann Magnum 56, Trinidad Vigia

In my opinion this is only the beginning of a very difficult year to come and more vitolas will follow!

Thanks to years of being in the business we have a more than acceptable stock spread over our different shops and we continue to stock as many cigars as we can to try to supply our customers in the coming months as good as we can.
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Eh boy. So it begins
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And again, I can't get enough of these:
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It's been a few months since I last had one of these.
Not having ever tried the famed Selectos Finos I can't compare but this Don Jose is pretty good.To my palate its comparable to Partagas in the fact there's a savouriness to the blend much like I find with the D4.
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Also burnt this Warped Flor del Valle.Ok smoke although not much transitioning from 2nd third onwards and fairly one dimensional
Nice band though 😜
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OPA ABR 10 HUmag46. These have been real good to me... Sad to see them go. Only one left after this.
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03 el Morro. Solid, solid cigar. Very balanced.

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Suggestions on best shops in Amsterdam, Zurich, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan? Any of these cities better than others to purchase a few boxes in terms of price/selection? I spent some time in Europe this summer and my experience was that London was the most expensive, Switzerland and Paris less expensive. I'm not sure if some countries generally have better pricing than others and would appreciate any suggestions.
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VAT and other taxes vary, but yes, London will be the worst. Hajenus in Amsterdam is the best, Milan has an LCDH that I went to last month; LCDH in Zurich also. Madrid will likely be cheapest because of state-set pricing.
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Thank you!
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2nd try on Punch Punch follow by 1st try Dirty Rat.
Temp drops in NYC-winter coat comes out 😩
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Sneaky daytime Monte 4 whilst the wife has a friend over,3 other back up sticks with me haha
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MUO MAY14 Siglo 2.Cause it's been a while since I smoked one and I've had Cohiba on my mind for a few weeks but so many others to try.
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Just woke up to discover it rained last night and the air is fresh. Fixing myself some scrambled eggs and pancakes, then I will prepare a pot of french press and have a nice smoke on the patio.
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