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Going to spend a little over 2 weeks in France in September and I'm excited to have the opportunity to smoke some CC while I'm there!

My only previous experience with CC being a SF cigar swap circa 2009 or 2010 wherein I was gifted a HdM Short Robusto, a RA petit corona, and a MC #4. 2013 I was in Cancun for a wedding and my wife and I went to Casa Del Habano and I got a Cohiba Siglo IV and I think I picked out a MC Robusto for her.

I don't smoke a lot, but I tend to like fuller cigars like the LFD DL series and Cain cigars, but also enjoy what I perceive as really creamy cigars like the Cain Daytona or the old Cinco Vegas Miami cigars.

Any tips on good places to buy cigars in Paris, Lyon, or Cannes? Anything particular I should be on the lookout to try? Bolivar and Partagas?
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Today's smoke; Padron 1926 serie 40th anniversary (40 year):
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Last nights smoke,LUB Connie A-didn't enjoy this one like the last one I had.
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Smoking now-2nd to last Trini Reyes I have from one of first boxes I ever bought from my stag in Barcelona.AGR SEP10-Very nice smoke
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Up next tonight a ULA MAR14 Boli Petit Corona.These have settled down a lot since I first got them in '14.
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Hoyo De Monterrey 2011 EL:
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98 RyJ Prince of Wales
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Herfin on a Weds night (why not?) with a BOTL from HK armed with gifts.Bombed straight back - this is what the community is about!
First try on both PL Robusto de Larranaga and Boli Belicosos Finos

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PL robusto and lonsdale regionals have underwhelmed me every time sadly. Hopefully your experience is better.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

PL robusto and lonsdale regionals have underwhelmed me every time sadly. Hopefully your experience is better.
Yeh I remember you saying before, I really like the robusto compared to the Encantos which I agree with you was very underwhelming.
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Caught just short of finishing this Tatauje J21 Reserva,one of my fav non CC.Had to chuck it due to torrential rainfall-not happy about that 😫
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Sorry to hear that it's raining over here in MA, but still had time to smoke a padron:
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It's bloody raining again but tonight is spitting vs torrential compared to last night.Getting into this D4,lucky all you guys that can smoke inside!

Edit-got it wrong,mins later after lighting up the heavy rain came down hard again.Not happy but armed with an umbrella this time I got to covered space but no bench.Wasn't going to chuck tonight's smoke early!!
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Since I had a crappy two days with the weather and tonight's forecast looked better I thought I'd pull out something different.Romeo y Julieta Prince of Wales like @JohnGalt,no idea what date this is and it's the last of two I had gotten hold of.
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Today's smoke an Ashton VSG I bought at Monegan Sun for a whopping $22.75:
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