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Also cohibas like lanceros and cce are summer sticks when they're nicely aged. Thanks bro.
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I went with the LP T52.As I remembered,one dimensional,shit loads of smoke output,if I thought the Mag50 was open draw well this thing is worse!I use a punch these days so it helps (a little!)
Flavour improving the more I smoke.

The opening on that stick is pretty one dimensional with pepper, earth, and meat charred over hickory, but it expands the flavor profile, creaminess comes in, a couple of transitions later and you have a pretty damn good smoke that lasts a long time since it's so packed to the gills. My belicoso took 1 hour 45 min. Really just for someone who prefers darker flavors.
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Last night mini herf with a close friend visiting from the Uk.Bye bye EU
PLPC then 898
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Just came in opened it up and BOOM plume all over the cigars the date on the bottom says oct 15:
You can see some of it in the pic
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^these and sw are my fav upmanns enjoy (not sure about the plume)
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^that's mold spots, not plume, sorry. Wipe with alcohol wipes and good to go.

Original release MKO Reyes was amaazing.

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Already wiped wasn't sure if it was plume or mold. Looked at Many pictures and they were all inconsistent. Some looked just like mine and said it was plume. But didn't want to take the chance
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Famosos last night.3rd attempt on this from a 5er I got a while back.Not sure I really like these much. During the afternoon I smoked a Diamond Crown Julius Caesar with a new BOTL I met up yesterday at Davidoff on 6th Ave (see I do smoke some non CC!)
He came with gifts, I'm going to get him back for that!
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Just came in from smoking a '15 Monte 2.Shared great conversation with an old friend of almost 20 years who's visiting me in NY.Good cigar for two thirds perhaps showing its youth in the last third.I gifted my friend a fav of mine the PL Montecarlo, he enjoyed it
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That's the same year my box of montes 2s are. How are they?
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And here's what I'm smoking today Opus X Lost City Lancero:
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Had a decent hoyo dc from 13, was craving a double corona.
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Smoking this lovely Monte Esp2 AUM MAY14 as my Sunday night wind down.I love the skinnies,don't think this box has a chance to age much...
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POS 06 corona, great; LGC Cuba, unusually, not great; SUB '11 Royal Robusto, awesome.

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You come to socal?
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