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I need a pajama collar shirt with cigar pockets, that would be perfect for my lazy ass.
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Hell. I need pajamas with a cigar pocket. Perfect for the mornings. Take the dogs out. Water the plants. Smoke a cigar with my morning coffee
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After a few days in San Fran, only smoked one stick there which was a Por Larranaga Secretos.Monday nights smoke was an aged (no idea what year) RyJ Prince of Wales which I didn't particularly enjoy (only have two that I got from a BOTL in Jan). Pitched it at the last third and followed up with an '10 Trini Reyes.Didn't really enjoy that one either!Maybe a bad night of sticks or my palate was off...hope to smoke tonight.
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AUM MAR14 Monte Esp 2. Light wrapper, not much visible oils.Smoking ok
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We all know what happens when the wife goes out for the evening.Followed up by this MUO MAY14 Siglo II.Probably need to show more restraint and let the little Cohiba I have age more but f&$k it,every day should be treated as a special day!
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Mini herf yesterday in NYC.Started off with a PLMC, then an '11 Upmann Connie 1. After leaving the others I wanted another so sat by the park and put a flame to the trusted PLPC
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Checked the app for breaks in the rain earlier today, this Hoyo Des Dieux gifted yesterday by a top BOTL. Can't remember exactly what age (perhaps '03) this one was from a cardboard 5 pack I believe. First ever go on these-oh dear now I'm on the hunt for some. Really delicious creamy, woody smoke, loads more sweet creamy smoke.... I can see why so many love these....
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Revisited young CoRo on Sunday night. Will another 3 years or so make a difference..?Underwhelmed each time I've tried these so far.
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Provincial factory code rolling a flagship marca--run away! At least grab Upmann, Partagas, La Corona factories if not el Laguito.
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Originally Posted by PartagasIV View Post

Provincial factory code rolling a flagship marca--run away! At least grab Upmann, Partagas, La Corona factories if not el Laguito.
Only coming up to speed about stuff like this.Been learning more,not much guidance anywhere and also not sure before on what opinions to believe or not.
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Smoked a Don Pepin Garcia JJ Maduro last night. The factory stopped making these a few years ago, but I was lucky enough to find a box in a JR Cigar store somewhere near Raleigh, NC last summer. I'd socked it away and forgot about it. Until last night. Easily one of the 10 finest smoking moments of my life. Even you CC guys need to try one of these if you can find them.
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An AUM MAY14 Monte Esp 2, this time from a different box.Wrapper much darker and oiler than the previous one I smoked the other week,flavours richer too.

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@gnatty8 - one of these days I will reach for a non CC and give them a go.Keep passing them by in my humi,taking note of your recommendations Sir
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The FDA made a decision today that could change the landscape of cigars in the US. They're lumping them in with all tobacco products (mostly to curtail the e-cig market and usage with youths) and will cause quite a burden to the cigar manufacturers to have the FDA approve their products for sale in the US, ultimately reducing supply and driving prices up.

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