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As far as wrapper complexions are concerned they do vary and have quite a bit of range from toothy to silky smooth but the seams are generally good and triple caps flawless. If you are comparing to NCs some are definitely more rustic in overall appearance though it's been a while since I've handled an NC so this is based on years old data of mine. It almost seems like the wrappers are a bit thicker hence the seams not being as seemingly invisible. Sometimes I have been very impressed with the appearance of some like the la flor de cano grandiosos, some cohibas, and some partagas 898s for example. It is my firm belief that some factories get preferential tobacco for certain cigars which is why myself and others seek those out. Really though there are always going to be slight variations in appearance based on wrapper quality, crop quality and such. Once in awhile you will see faint green spots and tiny sesame seed looking spots but these are somewhat rare. Bottom line is they know what they are rolling and if you are lucky enough to hand pick a box based on appearance, sheen, aroma and feel you are more likely to have a better smoking experience.

By the way the 04 rass I smoked didn't look anything special and they tend to be pretty rustic looking but was a superlative smoking experience. My buddy, ironically and idiotically, sparked up an 11 rass which in theory should have been quite good with almost 5 years on it and did not compare to mine. Still lots of flavor but a couple overwhelmingly prominent notes at the forefront whereas my 11 year aged one was far more refined with all the flavors in balance. Needless to say he was disappointed but had he not smoked mine it would have otherwise been an excellent cigar.

Debating on what to smoke in a couple hours but I will try to post a pic.

Jesus Christ jet, when did you become so, uh, collegiate??
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Don't blow my fucking cover gnatty.
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I've found that the tobacco oils seem to impart smoke mouth feel (chewiness texture so to speak) but I can't argue if they add flavor or not unless I was able to try the same blend, one a bit dried out of oils and the other with them present. I'll keep an eye out in my boxes to see if there are any that are oily vs not and try to do a comparison.

Right now I just have a desktop humidor and 2 large (46 qt or so) weatherproof containers with Spanish cedar trays and some boxes to hold loose cigars along with full boxes, some opened and others still sealed. I actually have a 28 bottle wine fridge on the way to keep my sticks at a stable temp and humidity (damn Northeast weather variance) and should be able to hold all the good stuff for now. I have a couple boxes of moocher friendly sticks for newbies at golf outings and such that I'm just going to keep in the weatherproof containers with charged molecular sieves (basically HCM/Shilala beads).
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Could the typically looser roll on non-cc allow for easier draws, even with "oilyer" sticks?
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Don't blow my fucking cover gnatty.

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Good day yesterday, for wine and cigars both.

One of the few Cuban Davidoff's I've had, followed by one of the best custom rolled cigars I've ever smoked.

Here's the custom roll - incredible construction.

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Currently enjoying a 98 monarca.
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It's worth describing, briefly, the flavors in the Davidoff. Mind you, I've had a Davi that I didn't think was anything special, so I don't praise rare cigars simply for their rarity (same with wine, etc.).

This one, however, was a trip in the way-back machine. I'm not sure of the production year but I'm guessing late 70s. The simple, and best, way of describing it is this: smoking exceptionally well made vintage cigars like this is an experience in both tasting tobacco that is no longer cultivated, as well as tasting a cigar with a *real* flavor profile, a real personality.

I won't go into too much detail here but these days cigars are not produced in the same way as they used to be. The Partagas factory, for example, does not role exclusively Partagas cigars. The rollers don't know what they are rolling, and a lot of blends are very similar. Blindfolded, many smokers would not be able to distinguish between a Montecristo No. 2 and an Upmann No. 2. While I won't go so far as to say there are no "personalities" to cigar marques any longer, the characteristics that you could achieve when you had deciated factories and rollers and more strains of tobacco in production was *far*greater than you'll ever be able to get today.

That's why it's such a pleasure to take a trip back in time with cigars like this -- it's smoking history, and history tastes good.
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@Girardian Lovely review, thank you. Not only do namesake factories not produce their offspring solely anymore, you have certain aberrations recently like MUO 2014 Romeo Churchills, MUO 2014 PSD4 (el Laguito code)--that I've tried, and while the Churchills are Esplendidos in everything but name (budget Cohiba?), the PSD4 taste sort of mottled generic CoRo. Blind tastings are super helpful in gaining humility and confirmation bias with cigars (and wine)--something I am still learning. Increasing roles of provincial factories changed the unique characteristics of marcas, of that marca's cigars, forever--and while you do get the occasional Partagas-factory Partagas, it's perhaps a) more rare and b) less true to the marca of old. Happy to report I've picked up 15 boxes of ULA MAY15 PSD4, early impression is good.

Storage is obviously key in the Davidoff/Dunhill reselling market...there was a large-ish scandal a few years ago regarding very aesthetically appropriate Dunhill cigars that...were not what they purported to be. You can get badly stored boxes/singles, which are dull and lifeless, or you can get one that smokes like the above.

Generalizations are tricky sometimes, but overall, I think there is quite definitely a lack of marca characteristic, and it's for really quite a lot of reasons. Strain changes in tobacco, fermenting changes, et al all contribute to this. But Por Larranaga Picadores--generic. A rash of other cigars just taste like...meh.

And to follow that post up with a '98 Monarca...hopefully a tubo...@jet is pretty sweet. '98 Monarcas are the best of breed and a forgotten recipie...one of the non-edicion limitata edicion limitadas. They are wonderful cigars. '98 Churchills en tubo are really good but not quite the same. Though never had them back to back, blind.

I'm quite tempted to run a blind tasting on my cigar forum of the MUO and ULA PSD4, the Ramon Allones Germany RE 898 and modern Partagas 898...many such blinds to do.
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Yes tubo of course, it was good though admittedly I was smoking it while working so I wasn't fully focusing on it. I wouldn't say it was wasted though because several times throughout did I pause and pay attention.

In breaking my normal habit of putting boxes away (and being burned by so many boxes of psd4) I decided to smoke one of my ULA d4s and my impression was good as well. The cigar started off very d4 like which is something I haven't experienced in quite a while. It did lose steam and get rather muted after the first third which was disappointing but somewhat expected as I find the cigars mature from foot to head. I will be revisiting one perhaps every 3-4 months to see how they progress. I feel they have the potential to be as great as my buddy's magical 08 d4s were around 2011.
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Took the day off today and it warmed up enough to actually enjoy a cigar outside. Smoking a Rocky Patel Super Ligero lancero. This is a damn fine cigar.
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Originally Posted by PartagasIV View Post

I'm quite tempted to run a blind tasting on my cigar forum of the MUO and ULA PSD4, the Ramon Allones Germany RE 898 and modern Partagas 898...many such blinds to do.

I think this would be very interesting and I'm game if it's run with participation here.
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Originally Posted by Girardian View Post

I think this would be very interesting and I'm game if it's run with participation here.
+1 I'm up for this too.
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Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post

Took the day off today and it warmed up enough to actually enjoy a cigar outside. Smoking a Rocky Patel Super Ligero lancero. This is a damn fine cigar.

I've been on a bit of a lancero kick of late. I picked up a box each of Avo Heritage and Eastern Standard Silk Road lanceros.

@jet Where do you get your Cuban connection? Online or through dealers/networks you know?
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Originally Posted by Torsion View Post

+1 I'm up for this too.
Ok, what vitolas would everyone prefer...I think it's cheating a bit for me to do something with cigars specifically mentioned already, but I can do 2 cigars of the same size unbanded?

Dull and lifeless, must have been bad storage, shame.
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