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ULA DIC13 RASCC on Sunday evening just before picking the wife up from the airport. As with these, plenty of flavour right from the first puff. Although smoking good I feel a little more time would smoothen
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I picked up some Tatuaje Cojonu 2009's and 2012's. Keeping an eye out for Fausto's as well.

I also ordered a couple boxes of the Graycliff 30 Year Vintage on huge discount (MSRP was over inflated to begin with, but some suckers must pay for it), the wrapper is 30 year aged and then the sticks are rested for 18 months after they're rolled. It's not a powerhouse cigar, more medium bodied and strength, but it seems like an interesting piece.

Finally I ordered a box of My Father Limited Edition Coronas and a box of My Father Centurions. The Centurions seem to benefit from some age so I'm going to lock them up in my overflow humidor and forget about them for 6 months to see how it turns out and go from there.
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JL#2 and Branca Menta x Flor de Cana 4yo, with fresh mint simple syrup Mojito. Refreshing.

This stick is really improving as it goes down. Nice sugars...

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Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post

I moved up to Tennessee a few years back, so unfortunately I won't be able to take you up on that.. Enjoy though, Atlanta is a great town!

Terrible man.

Had an mel 08 sig iv last week that was very good and a few year old d5 that was even better. Was pretty great, hadn't had a cigar that good in awhile.
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Originally Posted by bespoken pa View Post

It's a shame that they don't sell these as singles as I've wanted to try them since they were released but not going to commit to a box without trying!
I've not tried their 75th anniversary one yet either but at least they're available as singles..
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Simon! ULA MAR14 Petit corona last night. Last time I smoked one of these was in Bali back in May last year.
Rich, earth, leathery, dark coffee/espresso type flavours.Tempted to multi box buy these and stash away for a few years.
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First one of the night - Monte 5, MUL MAR14.Trying to remember the last time I smoked one of these.Must of been last winter, another reliable Monte, milk choc and coffee flavours..Really mild weather today, I'm sitting out in 54F now!
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Can't remember the last time I had a monte 4.

Had sort of a huge herf today and I was bombarded with several great sticks, 98 monarca, 05 sig iii, 01 super seleccion 2, etc. Guess I should only show up to every 5 herfs more often LOL!!

First up a 96 partagas charlotte which was decent but then a spectacular 04 rass that I nubbed. Capped off with a tawny port and an 06 plpc.

I tried to take a pic and my phone decided to die. Great herf.
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Had a Monte Open Junior at a wedding recently. It was an easy mild smoke that everyone seemed to enjoy. I could have used a little more body or flavor transitions but it got the job done and smoke time belied the diminutive size.

I so wanted to smoke a stick in the gorgeous weather yesterday but I had to spend the afternoon with my little for Big Brothers Big Sisters and it got chilly by the time I got home. Such a damn shame.
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It's unfortunate you were given a monte open, about the least flavorful of all CCs and the quiet laughing stock of the montecristo lineup amongst connoisseurs.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

It's unfortunate you were given a monte open, about the least flavorful of all CCs and the quiet laughing stock of the montecristo lineup amongst connoisseurs.

Haha, I know, but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth at that point. The guy who handed them out was really jazzed to be smoking CC's since we were in Ireland. I guess the guy at the shop figured he was a noob (correctly) and sold him those. It's likely that they were the most budget friendly option too.

*edit: I've noticed in a number of pics I've seen of CC's that they look really, REALLY rustic. Fairly sloppy seams and caps and often water stains or other discoloration on the wrapper. These are apparently true CC's. Is that due to poor harvests forcing the makers to use less than ideal wrappers or is it just how CC's are?
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As far as wrapper complexions are concerned they do vary and have quite a bit of range from toothy to silky smooth but the seams are generally good and triple caps flawless. If you are comparing to NCs some are definitely more rustic in overall appearance though it's been a while since I've handled an NC so this is based on years old data of mine. It almost seems like the wrappers are a bit thicker hence the seams not being as seemingly invisible. Sometimes I have been very impressed with the appearance of some like the la flor de cano grandiosos, some cohibas, and some partagas 898s for example. It is my firm belief that some factories get preferential tobacco for certain cigars which is why myself and others seek those out. Really though there are always going to be slight variations in appearance based on wrapper quality, crop quality and such. Once in awhile you will see faint green spots and tiny sesame seed looking spots but these are somewhat rare. Bottom line is they know what they are rolling and if you are lucky enough to hand pick a box based on appearance, sheen, aroma and feel you are more likely to have a better smoking experience.

By the way the 04 rass I smoked didn't look anything special and they tend to be pretty rustic looking but was a superlative smoking experience. My buddy, ironically and idiotically, sparked up an 11 rass which in theory should have been quite good with almost 5 years on it and did not compare to mine. Still lots of flavor but a couple overwhelmingly prominent notes at the forefront whereas my 11 year aged one was far more refined with all the flavors in balance. Needless to say he was disappointed but had he not smoked mine it would have otherwise been an excellent cigar.

Debating on what to smoke in a couple hours but I will try to post a pic.
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The same can be said for NC's where the price point is usually what dictates the quality you're looking at. I haven't inspected stick by stick but all my cigars that I've handled and smoked have had no imperfections that I could tell, triple capped, tight seams, good oils, maybe some medium sized veins here and there or expected toothiness depending on the wrapper seed and origin. Top notch construction all around without any burn or draw issues to speak of but I'm not smoking bundled yard 'gars here...

I'll have to hit you up advice when I start to newbie dabble in CC's.

I'm curious if you're aging these yourself or buying them with a lot of the age already. Mostly asking because it seems that holding onto boxes for decade + would require extensive humidor storage if you're smoking on the regular.
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You will find the cuban draw is a bit more firm than the wide open NC draws you encounter and I am a fan. I enjoy a little resistance at the ideal rate at which my mouth fills with smoke is in line with my breath, not faster or slower. Of course it is not always this way but that's the reason you find NCs never have construction issues, because they are almost always rolled too loosely. The appearance of oils is also highly debated and a somewhat dubious characteristic of some NCs and I'd not found instances where the presence of them altered the profile of the cigar whereas it does on the cc side.

You can ask me, partagasiv, or girardian since though those guys have more extensive collections than I do. We all have cabinet humidors and big coolers and such for storage. One of the biggest LA collectors has a walk in humidor at his house. Once you've settled on your preferences the rule is to buy at least two boxes, one to smoke now and one to age. Also they age by default when your purchasing far outpaces your consumption. I also have very generous friends who have near daily deliveries but as a general rule I pay it forward to others getting into this because it's such an interesting and fascinating hobby which doesn't necessarily need to encompass the pretense of say wine collecting. Some guys like the act of smoking a cigar, sitting there and blowing smoke. I smoke for the flavor and if you find yourself smoking alone sometimes then you're a flavor guy like me.

Regarding the aging aspect I've got cigars back to 09 that I've aged myself, purchased vintage boxes back to 01 and 02 that became available through certain outlets and most of what is given to my has been bought from private collectors and auctions as well.
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