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2004 El Rey del Mundo Grandes de Espana

3rd stick from @Girardian sampler. From the first puff this light, silky, smooth stick is abundant with flavor. WOW 2nd ever ERDM, this one is perfectly filled and for me draws how I'd expect a long skinny to even though I've not had that much experience with them yet. The retro brings out richer floral/herbal notes. Its a real shame this marca only has a few vitolas left and in general the long skinny is disappearing from the Habanos line up. Delicious and a delight for my palate.

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Stick 4 from the sampler
1996 Cohiba Corona Especial

After crossing the pond overnight and seeing in the New Year in the air, I am back in the U.K. at my fathers place. Post lunch which he prepared for me, I sparked up with a good old cup of English tea. @Girardian stogies are wowing me!Clear night and day between this aged vs young one I had last weekend. Super smooth, not one bit of roughness throughout, so creamy with a milky coffee flavour, those grassy/hay notes that the marca is famed for. For almost 1.5 hours every draw teleported me some where (even though I was standing out in the cold back yard).Such an amazing smoke, one that's left me mellowed with a lingering aftertaste that I do not want to end! 20 years - just wow...

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Herfin with the UKCF lads (oh and Sir Winston!) in London today at JJFox. Lancero '05 box code to start followed by a young Trini Coloniales (darkest wrapper I've seen on a Trini!) post lunch baguette. Great bunch of guys. I've been having a great 10 days of smoking after my near 3 month break!

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Looks like a good time.

Had an 06 imperiales today, think fresher ones are better. D5 yesterday was very good.
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Enjoying my first Connie A at the Bvlgari Hotel in Knightsbridge chatting with the legendary Mike Choi yesterday. Most of the cigar shops are closed on Sunday and I first visited the award winning cigar lounge last May. Voted No.1 Cigar lounge of 2015 by Cigar Journal magazine
I enjoyed the cigar even though I'm not a fan of the ring gauge, I think some age on these and they'll become fantastic.
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Well it was a quiet night at the lounge, I was the only one there for a while and after chatting to Mike and getting just half way through the Connie A, he returned from going through his personal stash and gifted me a '99 Partagas Charlotte! What a legend-it was a delicious smoke, again the wonders of time mellowing the blend and smoothing out any rough edges it may of had as I can only assume as it was my first ever of this Partagas vitola.
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Ok so by now it was well past my dinner time and I was starting to get hungry but then Mike after serving the next customer drops this '14 Ramon Allones Swiss Perfecto on my table and said "well I'm not sure if you normally smoke 3 cigars in a night but tonight you do!"
Astounded by his hospitality and generosity from his personal collection it would of been rude not to smoke this and was a great follow up to the two sticks I had previously!
Again another first for me, this stick was not like any of the regular production RA I've tried and was great. A lighter blend from the norm and it smoked like it was older than '14.All three I tasted are worthy of box buys in my humble opinion, I fear I may have the taste for aged cigars.

I left at 9.30 feeling very lucky for the experiences and headed to Chinatown for roast duck and noodles which was a great meal to cap off the night,
Taping this out whilst I get ready for a few days work in the London office. Already planning where to smoke tonight 😀
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Great updates! Agree on Charlottes, they're superb--my last box is '98 and I'll be sad when it's empty. OR Connie A has been a go-to for me the last couple months, they've really been hitting the spot. If you make it to Bourdon House (Dunhill) I have a partial '87 box of RyJ Coronas you're welcome to dig into.
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Nice updates, sounds like a fantastic time. I had a 95 charlotte one time and it kicked my butt with the older strain of leaf.

Good to hear on the perfectos I've got a couple boxes stashed away somewhere. Too bad not typical RA though which is what I was afraid of.

Had an ok d4 (really need to stop buying these blind) and a good year old coro last night.
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A few days late on posting these. Monday night solo visit to the Corintha hotel. Great covered outdoor space with heaters/blankets, excellent beverage menu at reasonable for London prices and their own well stocked humidor. Best thing with this place is you can bring your own with no cutting fee.
First up was the Cohiba Piramides extra (think this one '14). Another first for me and there's nothing you can fault with Cohiba when they're on. Initially when I received the two sticks I have from a split, the ring gauge put me off but the tapering certainly helps. Enjoyable and super smooth, I read some people find a lemongrass twang which I can relate to, grass and cream with some vanilla, bloody nice but then again at that price it should be. Followed up by a Secret Santa gifted Padron. I don't smoke Padron often but this stick really was good especially smoking mainly Cuban these couple of weeks it was a welcomed change of pace and flavour profile. I'd buy a box if they weren't so expensive (I always seem to be comparing CC vs non CC for value)

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Having done the scouting mission the night before, I went back to the Corintha on Tuesday night with Ian who is a colleague/friend/BOTL. I bought the sticks, first up was a Trini Reyes (not pictured) from '09,smooth and delicious and only about 3 left!Second was a '14 Partagas 898 which smoked wonderfully and the best one I've had since I got the box.Ian loves Partagas and I was glad he enjoyed this one as it was his first 898.
Being a faster smoker and generally a greedy git, two wasn't enough so I pulled out a '14 Siglo IV. Last one of these I smoked was back in June last year on my birthday and that experience was crap. This one however was excellent and had my thinking cap on in wondering what difference another few years would make on these. Only just days before was I thinking of moving these on, I really am loving this hobby of seeing the progression with all sticks and time. Oh and consistency with Cuba is like Russian roulette haha

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898 is one of my favorite partagas man.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

898 is one of my favorite partagas man.
I've recently bought a couple of boxes for ageing and can see myself keeping up the trend for every vintage moving forward, I love the format and the smoke with a little age on it!
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You should definitely pick up some presidentes as well, as close to old school classic partagas as you can get.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

You should definitely pick up some presidentes as well, as close to old school classic partagas as you can get.
Here I go hunting down some presidentes - I might have 1 more day in London so I'll add these to the list of singles I should get to bring back to try
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