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I recently found some Opus X's and purchased my limit. I can only find them about once every year or two, and when I find them I always buy as many as they will let me/I can afford. What cigars do you like that are on par, or close to being on par, with Opus X's? There must be something more readily available that resembles these great cigars. The guy who sold them to me suggested that there are others out there, particularly the Padron 1964 Anniversary, that are readily available and cheaper than an Opus X. Has anyone tried these and if so what are your thoughts? What else do you like?
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I keep 2 steadies - monticristo 2 (torpido) and cohiba robusto, sometimes I will have a box of monticristo 4 around. all cuban. what I like, aside from those, are maduro robustos from nicaragua - the ones that I have discovered that I like best are joya de nicaragua. punch punch are very nice, too.
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My standard cigars are - Robaina Unicos (Cuba) - Montecristo 2 (Cuba) - El Credito Serie R No 4 (Dom. Rep)
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Montecristo #4s and Partagas, whatever. I pefer a smaller ring gauge (42 max) and something under 6". Maduro wrappers are always a treat. But then, I don't smoke much anymore.
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Padron Anniversary 1964.  Best cigar I have ever smoked..
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Padron Anniversary 1964.  Best cigar I have ever smoked..
I second the Padron Anniversary 1964, What a smoke......
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Anybody had any luck purchasing from Or can you suggest another online dealer that will import Cubans to the U.S.? PM me if you don't want to discuss this openly.
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If I can find them, I will most always buy La Gloria Cubana Torpedos. If I am in a pinch, a Macanudo Hyde Park will do the trick.
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I like everything Padron puts out. I like C.A.O. Gold, Cammy, and Criollo Torano Cammy, casa torano. I have not been able to find opus x locally to try one. I want to try San Crisobal cigars but want to try a couple b4 I order a box.
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I probably shouldn't join the conversation--but on another thread, I was questioned for using spray starch on my shirts because of possible ill health effects. Anyone besides me see any irony here? (BTW, used to enjoy cigars, but gave them up.)
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Ah. Opus X - excellent choice. Padron Anniversario is fantastic too. Try Ashton Cabinet VSG and Bahia Gold. I think you will like them. The four above are my favorite non-cuban smokes. Enjoy.
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So no one answered the question before. How is it possible to get Cubans in the US? Does buying online work, since the stores are out of the US?
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Many online stores outside of the us will ship to the us. People do get their shipments taken by customs though. They will send you a letter and lately they have been sending people the cigars they ordered, after shredding them. I have been told that some shops will replace your sticks if they don't make it to you. is a good site with a lot of information.
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Early next year I expect to have two excuses to celebrate to excess. One occasion will be a milestone birthday and then a couple of months later, fingers crossed, a significant promotion. I am already building a little stockpile of vintage champagne. What suggestions would you make for celebratory cigars? I am not much of a smoker myself, but some of my friends are. Is it possible to strike a balance between a newbie-friendly cigar and something the connoisseurs will enjoy as well?
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Chili pad, one's cigar preferences are as individual as preferences in wine, food, clothing, etc.  The Opus X people rave about is a heavy-bodied cigar that an uninitiated smoker may find overwhelming.  Macanudo cigars are the biggest selling hand made smokes in the US.  The reason is they are very well made mild cigars.  Many cigar afficiandos don't like them because they don't offer the complexity and full, rich flavor many Habanas and similarly priced NC (non-Cubans) offer.  These include the Opus, Ashton VSG, Padron Anniversario, etc. You may want to go to your local cigar shop and buy several singles of Macanudo, Ashton Classics or other top quality mild cigars available in the UK that you and your friends will really enjoy.  Ask the tobacconist for recommendations, or ask your cigar smoking friends what they like. You may end up getting particular cigars for them and other cigars for yourself and your unitiated buddies. There's nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a bottle of wine or a box of cigars that people don't like because they haven't developed a taste for it yet.  Most long-term cigar smokers started with mild cigars. BTW, congrats on your upcomming birthday and promotion.
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