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Lands End dress shirts

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I need some dress shirts and i'm thinking about lands end, i read somewhere that they are pretty good for the price. I read a post that mentions them briefly. I was wondering what others thought of them and if they are decent quality for $30. I'm only 20 and don't need really expensive dress shirts but i like nice things and don't want to buy crap. Is there any other good middle line dress shirts i should be looking at. I think $60 is my limit for shirts. I've been thinking Jantzen but i don't want to wait 2 months and i can't decide what shirts to get, to many choices. So any help would be appreciated. nik
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I have the kind of flannel-y plaid-colored cotton button-down collar shirts and they are literally my favorite casual daily-wear shirts. They are a thick, really soft cotton, no wrinkles, no ironing, just throw them in the wash, they are slim fit, and I just love them. I've never tried any other shirts, but if these are anything to go by, they are great.
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I have previously bought some dress shirts from Lands' End and think they are excellent value for the money, especially the Overstocks items.  If you log on to their homepage and go to the Overstocks tab, you will see lots of things on deep discounts (they have new Overstocks items posted every Wednesday and Saturday). To be sure, they are certainly not in the same class as say Borelli, but for prices which start below $20, you can't do much better.  The main problem I have is that they fit too wide across the chest down to the waist...the same problem with many other (even high end) off-the-rack shirts. And of course, to be really fussy, - the patterns don't match at the shoulders - the patterns don't match at the gauntlet - they use plastic (though of a high quality) buttons But look at the price.
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I have a non-iron Lands End with a check pattern that I bought for around $40. In my opinion it's as nice as a brooks brothers non-iron for $25 less. I don't know that I would wear it as a true dress shirt, but as a casual shirt with khakis or jeans it's nice enough.
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before I went custom I wore tehm for years. they are very good shirts, espectially for what you pay.
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