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Untucked shirt -- how long is too long? - Page 4

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you can always cut for short. Maybe not the sleeves.

Anyhow its easier to cut than to add. BTW, for big and tall theres: regular clothes  tall,  very tall from big and tall. If you fall between the two catagories your screwed.

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For awkward sizes I would seriously consider taking the hit and getting shirts made bespoke. A good tailor will be happy to copy a design even right down to the details. I know it means not having the label but a bespoke shirt had it's own kudos as well.
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Serious question...

How much longer will the untucked* shirt look last?

The look has had a good 10 year run. Even the most deep-seated trends tend to max out after about 8-10 years. Seems that when all the middle aged guys are wearing the look, the up and coming younger guys will want something different.

Any guys here trending away from the untucked look?

* by untucked, I mean dress shirt style and not shirts intended to be worn untucked, i.e. Hawaiian.
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I think it'll come in and out and never really go away. You see it dip in and out of catwalk shows. Personally I think it works well with layering a few garments together but looks a bit bold with just the shirt. But it's all about how you pull it off- I'm "middle aged" but I would never, ever appear in a huge, billowing white shirt, with "Top Gear" jeans and crap shoes like I see a lot of guys doing.
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Im in my 20's and  my torso will look short if I tuck in.

I don't think dress shirts, like legit dress shirts, should be worn un-tucked. if someone wants to add 'personality' or 'flare' to their dress shirt in my opinion it best be done through the way you wear your cuffs and what you do with your buttons.

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Agree - some shirts just can't be worn untucked and others are specifically designed for it, e.g. Folk shirts, which sometimes have a detail of some kind at the base of the garment, clearly meant to be on display. I have one or two dress shirts and they'd look like nightgowns if I wore them untucked.

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I just realized i had some perfectly fitting shirts tailored for lenght before i have sent them in the washer.

My shirts always shrink from the sleeves in the washer wbu guys?

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