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Malo at Filenes

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I was at Filenes Basement on State Street in Chicago, and stumbled upon a few malo sweaters. They didn't have anything that I particularly liked, but there were some great deals. Some of the malo's were cashmere selling for under $200.
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the Filene's in NYC also had plenty of Malo for under $200, but not great selection or sizes.
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Filene's Basement in Boston (the Mother Ship; also known--by me, at least--as The Happiest Place on Earth) has had a lot of Malo merchandise lately. I've seen sweaters for well under $200 (I think $149 is typical). The styles and colors were not particularly interesting to me, though the quality seemed quite high. I did pick up some Malo cashmere knitted ties, however: one for myself, and two for Christmas presents. These are bicolored (solid on both sides) in combinations of terra cotta and brown, light and charcoal gray, powder blue and charcoal. I suppose they'd be reversible if one cut off the label. They're very nicely finished on both sides and knot beautifully.
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