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Thomas Pink

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When I am shopping for clothing, shirts especially, it is important to me that I can get one quickly and try it on first (i.e. no ebay or waiting for sales at NM or Saks). I have had too much experience with getting shirts with sleeves that are too short, not because of long arms but because of extremely broad shoulders. Thomas Pink provides a wide selection of colors and patterns, and they are readily available in all sizes, including long sleeve lengths. I understand that they may be more expensive than the work that goes into them, but in your opinion does the convenience outweigh any shortcomings in quality at all? Thanks.
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IMO, they are OK, I have a few of the S170 shirts and they are not bad, but not very slim fitting at all (pretty baggy)
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Why not try made to measure from one of the various vendors that have been mentioned here? (Jantzen, etc.)You know it will fit, even if it takes awhile to get it...
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Well, I'm slightly on the heavy side, so baggy shirts don't hurt my feelings. Also, I'm a college student, hopefully next year a medical student, so I don't really need Borrelli, Kiton, or Brioni dress shirts.  Obviously if I could get one that fit well at the same price as a Thomas Pink, I would be stupid to pass that up.  But considering the experiences I've had with high-end shirts that I've purchased that end up having too-short sleeves, I think I'm better off taking what I can get for $140.  Some day, when medical school and residency are behind me, I can order MTM Brioni or Kiton or whatever, but until then, I think Thomas Pink dress shirts are a pretty good deal, if only for convenience. I just saw your response about Jantzen, and while it sounds like they do excellent work, I'm just a little apprehensive about the whole process. Quick availability is a big plus in my book.
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Thomas Pink isn't that I mentioned before, Thomas Pink consistently comes out with great patterns.  However, the downside is mediocre fabrics, plastic buttons, and double-needle construction.  All in all a decent shirt, but for $140 you could do better.  A lot better. IMO, you should get over your fear of buying shirts online.  Take a measuring tape to your favorite shirt, and make notes.  For you, the most important measurements would be shoulder-to-shoulder, and sleeve length.  Learn from Ernest: buy shirts at a great price when you don't NEED them, thus saving you time/money when you do need them. Borrelli's consistently sell for less than $140, even with BIN.  If you feel that's too good of a shirt of college-wear, go with machine made shirts such as Lorenzini, Zegna, T&A, H&K, Brioni, Battistoni, etc.  Off the top of my head, I know for a fact that Lorenzini and Zegna would fit a person with broad shoulders.  I'm always selling shirts, what's your size?
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Renault, thanks for your response. It's interesting that you mention Zegna, all of my Zegna shirts have sleeves that are too short. Of course, when I say "all of my Zegna shirts" I mean "two Zegna shirts". I recently ordered one from the quick response program at a boutique in Baltimore that carries a lot of Zegna products and the sleeves are a little too short, with the problem occuring in the shoulders. My problem probably stems from having a neck that, in my opinion, is skinnier than it should be considering the rest of my dimensions. I'm 5'11, about 205 lbs, and wear a 46R jacket, but I wear a 16.5 collar (and that isn't too tight).
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Hmm, you may want to look into Carlo Franco shirts, I have similar proportions (6'1, 220) and the 17" neck shirt fits almost perfectly in the body. Chuck also has a couple different sleeve length options, 33" and 35" I have quite big shoulders and chest and about a 10" drop (44-45" chest, 34" waist) for reference. I usually wear 44L or 46R jackets as well. Oh BTW, the Thomas Pink shirts fit like a sail on me, they are very very big in the waist (at least 5" too big, I may have them taken in)
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Please please please if you are buying Pink shirts wait for ther big sales which happen three or four times a year (one is coming up right after Christmas). Instead of paying $120 - $200 for a poor quality shirt, you pay $70 - 110. And try the slim fit shirts. They're the only Pink shirts I'll wear. Montecristo
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Why can not you wait for sales?
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