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Rippling on edge of lapel

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One particular suit I own seems to have developed ripples of fabric along the outside edge of the left lapel (the right has some very minor, unnoticeable rippling). You can kind of see the problem in these pictures: These are bespoke suits. I haven't been able to get good results trying to press these ripples out myself. Should I take it up with my tailor? The issue wouldn't bother me, except that it is only happening on one lapel. Montecristo
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Great fabric. It just looks like the picking on the left lapel is a little more taut than the picking on the right. I don't think it's a huge deal -- it shows that it's done by hand. Certainly pressing won't do anything. You could just take all the picking out, I suppose. That wouldn't seem to be a huge problem.
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I always thought it was a nice looking detail.
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Is that made of a LP fabric?
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Zegna Trofeo fabric. Great for traveling. Doesn't wrinkle very easily. The thing that bothers me I guess is that the the lapels are asymetric. One where the pinching of the fabric is very noticeable (to the point where it almost looks like it is bubbling), while the other lapel the other is much flatter. I do think for some reason this particular fabric (color and texture) makes the stitching more noticeable than on my other suits. We are genetically programmed to value symmetric features.... Maybe I am being too picky with this one.
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I don't think you could press the left lapel out, but you could steam the bejezus out of the right one and see if you can shrink up the fabric a bit and make it pucker more. At least it would be symmetrical...
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