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what's your most douchebaggy piece of clothing? - Page 8

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My morphine generation familia hoodie is by far my douche baggiest piece of clothing.

similar to that but it's not gold print, it's white or something
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I would have to say a antik denim tee shirt with metallic red lettering on it. lame.
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^I have a similar morphine gen hoody (also white) and it's nowhere near my most douchey piece of clothing. I never wear the damn thing though. I should probably sell it while there's still something vaguely resembling a market. Believe me, no one wants to see my stunner shoes here. They are almost entirely gold foil. I will next be busting them out in mid september at a ski movie release party. Needless to say, they get little wear. But when they do... Anyway, I won't post those because I don't want to harm anyone's eyes. However I also own these.
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diesel rabox 770's - i bought them in high school - and i wear them every now in then when i'm in a dark bar or club. fit is impeccable, wouldn't be caught dead in them in daylight though. i do refer to them as my douchebag jeans. as a matter of fact they are so douchebaggy they are an ed hardy shirt, date rape pill and a dab of too much hair gel away from being guido.
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555Soul hoodie that I wear to low-brow drinking events such as Sabres games...
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I know this is the streetwear thread - but I own three ascots that come out after a few drinks, one at a time of course. Doché.
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I also have two pairs wayfarers and aviators. Bit of a facepalm on those.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
DSquared2 polo

ohh shit, I have a Dsquared2 polo in bright ass green thats slim as hell on me. It was a gift and I actually sport it all the time since some superficial supemodel looking girls complimented me on it. I was in total dbag mode as well, Shearling leather jacket dsquared polo, Rayban mirror aviators puma speedcats (in all black mind you) I enjoy my apparent Douchebaggyness. I refrain from popped collars, fake tans, blown out hair, but being somewhat effeminate or fake pimp is pretty fucking amsuing to my dull life.

Originally Posted by Surfrider View Post
I would like these if they didn't have, count 'em, THREE logos.

and those Pumas are really really comfortable, I love mine.
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i'm new here, what's wrong with 7 for all mankind (7's). they fit me well, and the colors are good. bad because they're overhyped? or bad because they're not unique.
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I have a Fubu t-shirt hidden somewhere in my closet, which I used to wear in middle school with Jncos and clunky Lugz or Skechers boots.

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I have some sb dunks that look like I obsessively care too much about them because of how clean they are. When in reality I just don't ever wear them, 3-4 times I think now in the year I've had em? Something about them I just don't dig, maybe I should sell em.
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I got one pair of SFAM I bought for like 30 bucks, and couple of R&R jeans that somebody bought me a few months ago.
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Stock photo. I like these, but I won't lie either, they're a neon pink lining away from hypebeast mostrosity land.

Edit: I should add that if these don't make you puke, you should see the version in purple. Yes, purple snakeskin.
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My pink tank top maybe. It is definetly the most embarrasing and least used article of clothing I own(worn once). I wouldn't consider it douchebaggy though.
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When I was 17 I used to wear pre torn and faded D&G jeans with a pink shirt. No popped collar though. But I threw all the douchebaggy shit away a few years ago. Still got loads of ugly clothes dough, but SF seems to help quite a bit. Teach me more!
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